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Coatings Ingredients
The material selection platform
Coatings Ingredients
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ACEMATT® 3400 by Evonik is a surface-treated, thermal silica. It acts as a matting agent, with high-transparency and soft-touch properties. Offers household chemical resistance, gloss reduction, low... view more
SPHERILEX® DP-0111 by Evonik is a crystalline-free, precipitated amorphous silica. Provides improved durability, excellent mar and burnish resistance, high surface smoothness, very good washability... view more
SPHERILEX® DP-0112 by Evonik is a precipitated, crystalline-free amorphous silica. Designed for water- and solvent-borne architectural/ decorative, floor and wood coatings. Provides excellent mar... view more
SPHERILEX® DP-0115 is a precipitated, crystalline-free amorphous silica by Evonik. Exhibits low viscosity at high loading levels very low binder demand and very low water/solvent demand in the grind... view more
Silikoftal® HTW 3 by Evonik is a non-ionic, heat resistant, silicone polyester resin emulsion. It offers low thermoplasticity, excellent adhesion on aluminum and steel. It shows excellent dishwasher... view more
Surfynol® 104 Z is a low VOC, silicone- & HAPs-free, multifunctional gemini surfactant by Evonik. Provides dynamic pigment & substrate wetting and molecular defoaming. Designed for water- &... view more
TEGO® Foamex 852 by Evonik is siloxane-based defoamer for waterborne formulations. It is 100 % active and thereby also solvent-free. It offers unique combination of strength & compatibility. It is... view more
Tego® Dispers 711 W by Evonik is an anionic wetting and dispersing agent for water-borne formulations. Offers good dispersibility and viscosity reduction as well as improved color acceptance... view more
Tego® Dispers 712 W by Evonik is a cost-effective, anionic wetting and dispersing agent. It is based on ammonium salt polyacrylate. It combines very good viscosity reduction with enhanced colorant... view more
Tego® Dispers 717 W by Evonik is a cost effective, sodium salt polyacrylate-based wetting and dispersing agent. It offers good dispersibility & improved color acceptance. Tego® Dispers 717 W... view more
Tego® Foamex 18 by Evonik is a compatible, bio-based defoamer concentrate based on organic polymer technology. It is specially developed for architectural paints. It is based on 98% vegetable oil, a... view more
Tego® Foamex 9 by Evonik is a silicone-free, mineral oil technology-based, defoamer concentrate. It is a formulation of hydrophobic components and contains fumed silica. It shows long-term... view more
Tego® Glide 496 by Evonik is a polyether siloxane copolymer. It provides outstanding slip and touch properties without compromising recoatability and compatibility. It offers anti-blocking... view more
VESTANAT® EP-EF 201 by Evonik is a high solids, low viscosity ethoxy-silane/ polyurethane hybrid. Acts as a cross-linking agent for do-it-yourself sector and ultra-high performance coatings... view more
ZEOFREE® 600 by Evonik is a precipitated calcium silicate-based carrier and flow promoting agent. It improves product quality, consistency and package weight accuracy. This additive prevents snail... view more
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