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BECKOPOX™ EH 2162 by allnex is a high solids, low viscosity, HAPS-free amine resin. Acts as a hardener and curing agent. Designed for low VOC (<50 g/l) concrete primers and 2K epoxy coatings. Shows... view more
CRYLCOAT® 1738-2 by allnex is an overbake stabilized, versatile, saturated polyester resin system for indoor use. When formulated into high gloss coatings, it exhibits excellent overbake resistance... view more
CRYLCOAT® 2427-2 by allnex is an overbake stabilized, carboxylated polyester resin designed for use in TGIC 95/5 powder coatings. Provides excellent flow, appearance & mechanical properties and good... view more
CRYLCOAT® 2437-2 by allnex is a TMA-free carboxylated polyester resin. Designed to meet the new standard GB/T 5237.4 for aluminum profiles. Used with TGIC to manufacture powder coatings with... view more
CRYLCOAT® 2453-2 by allnex is a good flow, carboxylated polyester resin. Designed for use with 7% TGIC to manufacture powder coatings for architectural applications. Exhibits outdoor durability and... view more
CRYLCOAT® 2645-3 by Allnex is a carboxylated polyester resin. Acts as a low demand HAA hardener at 180°C. Offers high blooming resistance, good mechanical properties, good flow & surface appearance... view more
CRYLCOAT® 4698-2 by allnex is a carboxylated polyester resin. Exhibits good durability, superior outdoor weatherability and reliable disctinction of image. Provides outstanding flexibility, improved... view more
CRYLCOAT® E 04482 by allnex is a superdurable, carboxylated polyester resin. Designed for the manufacture of powder coating. Applicable for use with TGIC in a 93/7 ratio. Exhibits good impact... view more
CRYLCOAT® OCEAN 2489-5 by allnex is a low demand, sustainable carboxyl functional polyester, created from pre-consumer recycled PET. It is used with 5% TGIC or 3.5% HAA hardener. It provides... view more
EBECRYL® LED 03 by allnex is a multi-functional amino acrylate. Acts as a surface curing agent. Exhibits superior adhesion, color strength, enhanced pigment wetting, blocking resistance and low... view more
UCECOAT® 2501 by allnex is a tin-, VOC-free aliphatic polyurethane dispersion. It is tack-free before cure, versatile UV-curable, with good water release, excellent dispersion stability and good... view more
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