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Coatings Ingredients
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Products Compatible with AQUAPLUS™ MA

Based on HSP Distance

Products Compatibility & HSP Distance

Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP) helps to predict the compatibility of ingredients.

It is based upon the “like seeks like” principle. It splits an ingredients interactions into three parameters :
- δD (Dispersion force interactions)
- δP (Polar forces interactions)
- δH (Hydrogen bond force interactions).

If ingredients have matching HSP’s (distance=0) then they will be completely compatible. If there is a small distance between them then they are predicted to have good but not perfect compatibility. As the HSP distance gets larger the ingredients will become more incompatible.

In general, ingredients having an HSP distance below 2 will have good compatibility. Between 2 and 4, you will have medium compatibility. Above 4, you will have limited to no compatibility.

Most HSP values used to calculate the distance are estimates. Information provided below is to be used as an indication of compatibility.
13 products match your search
Product Name
Hsp Distance: 3.6
Hififast Brown HF25 is a high performance monoazo pigment by ANSHAN HIFICHEM. It is recommended for powder coating, architecture paint, container & marine coating, automobile OEM, refinish paint and... view more
Hsp Distance: 3.6
Benzimidazolone. Is a non-dusting pigment preparation in microgranular form, with a low-viscosity polyvinyl butyral as binder. Because of the binder used, this pigment preparation posses a very good... view more
Hsp Distance: 3.6
Viscofil® Brown HFR 30 VP3203 by Clariant is a glycol-free pigment (monoazo) dispersion of approx. 20% pigment. It is finely dispersed and based on anionic dispersing and wetting agents. Exhibits... view more
Crown Chemical
Hsp Distance: 3.6
1H-Indole-3-acetamide organic pigment. It is brown odorless powder. Possesses excellent migration as well as resistance to acid and alkali. Also has excellent light- and heat fastness... view more
Hsp Distance: 3.6
Monoazo. It is a brown colored organic pigment. Exhibits light fastness and heat-, water-, oil-, acid-, alkali- and alcohol resistance. Recommended for powder coatings, automotive paints, offset... view more
Hangzhou Dimacolor
Hsp Distance: 3.6
Benzimidazolone. It is an organic brown colored pigment with bluish tint. Used in paints. It complies with EINECS NO. (230-258-1) regulation... view more
Hangzhou Epsilon Chemical
Hsp Distance: 3.6
Benzimidazolone Brown HFR ECBR02501 by Hangzhou Epsilon Chemical is benzimidazolone yellowish brown organic pigment. It is also called transparent brown 25. It shows excellent light fastness, heat... view more
Hangzhou Henghao Pigment Chemical
Hsp Distance: 3.6
Mono azo. It exhibits high performance. Used in water-based formulations... view more
Hangzhou Origo Chemical
Hsp Distance: 3.6
Pigment Brown 25 by Hangzhou Origo Chemical is a reddish brown, high performance organic benzimidazolone pigment. Compatible with PVC resin. Exhibits excellent fastness to light, weather or... view more
Hangzhou Xcolor Chemical Company
Hsp Distance: 3.6
Mono azo organic pigment. It is available in reddish brown shade. Used in solvent coating, aqueous coating, powder coating, industrial coating and coil coating... view more
Hsp Distance: 3.6
Benzimidazolone. Is a brown pigment. Used in industrial paints, automotive refinishing, powder coatings and decorative coatings... view more
Tianjin Golone Chemical
Hsp Distance: 3.6
BROWN 7582 (Tianjin Golone Chemical) by Tianjin Golone Chemical is a monoazo brown organic pigment. Offers excellent performance. Also offers heat resistance upto 260°C. BROWN 7582 (Tianjin Golone... view more
Hsp Distance: 3.6
Pigment Brown 25 (otw pigments) by otw pigments is monoazo-based pigment for use in paints and inks. Pigment Brown 25 (otw pigments) is brown color organic pigment... view more
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