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Coatings Ingredients
The material selection platform
Coatings Ingredients
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Acrylic resin GA-003 supplied by DKSH is solid acrylic resin that contains epoxy functionality. It can be used in thermosetting powder coatings to provide excellent outdoor durability. It is... view more
Acrylic resin GA-300 supplied by DKSH is highly functional glycidyl acrylic resin. It can react with carboxyl and amine-functional compounds to produce durable coatings. It acts as a curing agent... view more
HALSHYBRID™ UV-G101 distributed by DKSH is an ultra weather resistant acrylic polymer. It is a light stabilizer and UV absorbent suitable for primer of transparent thermoplastic substrate such as... view more
HALSHYBRID™ UV-G12 distributed by DKSH is an ultra weather resistant, light stabilizer and UV absorbent acrylic polymer. Used in combination with amino resins or polyisocyanates as crosslinking... view more
HALSHYBRID™ UV-G13 is an ultra weather resistant, light stabilizer and UV absorbent acrylic polymer distributed by DKSH. Designed for film & sheet coatings, architectural coatings and gravure inks... view more
EPS® 506 by EPS is a hydrophobic, acrylic copolymer. It is recommended for primers and topcoats on tiles and other mineral substrates. It exhibits excellent gloss potential, efflorescence, chemical... view more
EPS® 719 by EPS is a hydrophobic, all-acrylic emulsion. It is designed to minimize asphalt bleed through in cool roof coatings while maintaining flexibility and toughness. Offers low water uptake... view more
EPS® 595 by EPS is a hydrophobic, versatile & robust APEO free acrylic copolymer in water. It offers exceptional corrosion resistance and adhesion (wet and dry) to multiple substrates. This product... view more
EPS® 747 by EPS is an ADH-free, self-crosslinking acrylic copolymer with rapid hardness development. It is a binder for interior and exterior applications recommended to formulate trim paints and... view more
DYFLEX® LP 1225 by EPS is a self-crosslinking, low VOC, acrylic copolymer for joinery. This polymer exhibits exceptional flexibility & exterior durability, excellent block & water resistance and... view more
Dispurez® 101A by Incorez is a hard, anionic, modified polycarbonate type polyurethane acrylic dispersion. Designed for excellent pigment compatibility and tough coatings with good durability. Films... view more
Crilat 4747 by Vinavil is a water-based styrene-acrylic copolymer emulsion. It is developed for the direct-to-metal coating market. It offers excellent corrosion resistance (both flash rust and salt... view more
Crilat 4815 by Vinavil is an APEO-, solvent- & formaldehyde-free, odorless pure acrylic water-based dispersion. It is characterized by very small particles size due to this feature it is defined as... view more
Crilat 7829 by Vinavil is an APEO- & formaldehyde-free, self-crosslinking, water-based acrylic dispersion. It exhibits very high blocking-, chemical-, mechanical-, good water- & high weathering... view more
Crilat 4830 by Vinavil is a low VOC, APEO-, formaldehyde-, plasticizers- & coalescent-free, water-based acrylic dispersion. It is developed with core-shell technology & is self-crosslinkable at room... view more
Crilat 4706 by Vinavil is a styrene acrylic copolymer water-based dispersion, free from alkylphenol ethoxylate (APEO-FREE), coalescent and plasticizers. It gives transparent and no tacky film with... view more
EBECRYL® LED 03 by allnex is a low viscosity amine modified polyether acrylate oligomer that can be added as a co‐resin to UV curable formulations. When it is combined with an appropriate... view more
SETAQUA® 6405 by allnex is a surfactant-free aqueous dispersion of acrylic polymer for penetrative industrial wood stains. It exhibits excellent flow and uniform staining properties when used in dip... view more
SETAQUA® 6716 by allnex is a surfactant-free aqueous dispersion of acrylic polymers. Varnishes based on SETAQUA® 6716 have good in-can and dry-film clarity due to its small particle size. It offers... view more
ACROCRYL™ 63-822 by allnex is a soft styrene acrylic copolymer emulsion with high molecular weight and fine particle size. It offers good flexibility, good alkali resistance and excellent response... view more
ACROCRYL™ 63-921 by allnex is a hard, high molecular weight styrene acrylic copolymer emulsion. It exhibits good alkali resistance, excellent response to associative thickeners, high wear & abrasion... view more
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