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Coatings Ingredients
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ADDITOL® XW 6585 is an easy to incorporate, silicone-based defoamer by allnex. It is VOC-free (EU 2004/42/EG), mineral-, emulsifier & APEO-free and exhibits high shear stability for mill base foam... view more
Add Additives
ADD-2026 by Add Additives is a silicone-based defoamer. Compatible with physically drying systems and air drying alkyd resin. Designed for inks and solvent-based coatings. It is incorporated before... view more
Ashland Specialty Chemical
Non-ionic proprietary formulation of silica derivatives, silicones and surfactants. Used as a foam control agent in anti-corrosive primers, flexographic printing inks, woodcoatings and parquet... view more
Solution of foam destroying polysiloxane. Acts as a highly efficient, silicone based defoamer for solvent-borne and solvent-free systems. Offers optimum defoaming. Prevents foam and bubble... view more
Mixture of foam destroying polymers and hydrophobic solids. Acts as a emission-, silicone- and mineral oil-free polymeric defoamer. Possesses excellent defoaming properties, especially in alkyd... view more
DOWSIL™ 100F Additive by Dow is a fluorosilicone (1%) in diisobutyl ketone. Acts as a defoaming agent. It exhibits good surface appearance even after long-term storage. Provides efficient foam... view more
DOWSIL™ 102F Additive by Dow is a fluorosilicone (1%) in mixture of methyl ethyl ketone and n-propyl acetate. Acts as a defoaming/anti-foaming agent. Exhibits low tendency to cause craters and does... view more
DOWSIL™ 108F Additive by Dow is an alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO)-free silicone (siloxane-based) emulsion grade. Acts as a foam control agent. Exhibits good dispersibility and low tendency to cause... view more
DOWSIL™ 11 Additive by Dow is a reactive silicone glycol surfactant with carbinol functionality. It acts as a mar-resistance, leveling, wetting, defoaming and dispersing agent in solvent based... view more
DOWSIL™ 54 Additive by Dow is a Silicone polyether copolymer. Acts as a defoaming-, mar resistance agent and flow/leveling agent. Provides slip and improves gloss. It can improve abrasion... view more
Organo-modified polysiloxane. Used for floor coatings, industrial coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, wood & furniture coatings, parquet lacquers, printing inks and overprint varnishes. Offers... view more
Dimethyl polysiloxane, contains fumed silica. Used as a defoamer concentrate for solventborne and radiation-curing coating formulations for floor coatings and silk screen inks. Provides additional... view more
Patcham (FZC)
PAT-ADD AF 72 by Patcham FZC is polysiloxane in diiso butyl ketone (DIBK). It is clear liquid de-aerator and defoamer. Provides best balance between defoaming properties and compatibility. It is... view more
Surface active polymers in a solvent mixture. Acts as a defoamer. Reduces the surface tension in solvent based and solvent free coating systems. Improves the leveling and avoids cratering. Used in... view more
Surface active polymers in a solvent mixture. Acts as a defoamer. Decreases the surface tension and thus defoams most solvent based systems effectively. It eliminates air bubbles during manufacture... view more
Polymer in solvent mixture. Acts as a defoaming agent. Is an additive with interfacial activity which suppresses the formation of entrapped air in UV coatings, i.e. air bubbles are destroyed before... view more
UNIQFOAM 120 S by Uniqchem is a heat stable, silicone-free defoaming agent. It does not interfere with intercoat adhesion. Compatible with 2-pack epoxy, alkyd, acrylic and polyester resins. Designed... view more
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