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Defoamers Selection for Architectural Coatings

Get familiar with factors to consider when selecting defoamers for your architectural coatings. In this guide, you will find details about the various classes of defoamers, their mode of action, as well as their strengths and limitations per application. It will be useful to develop your flat/ matt wall paints, satin/ eggshell paints, semi-gloss dispersion paints, high gloss paints and clear varnishes.


In Architectural Coatings, use of defoamers is mainly needed in waterborne systems, only by exception in solvent-borne systems. Dispersion paints, such as wall paints, is the largest segment. Defoamers are needed to avoid foam formation during manufacturing as well as application. Waterborne paints tend to stabilize foam, mainly due to the presence of surfactants and wetting agents.

Defoamers in Architectural Coatings Strengths & Limitations


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