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Pigments for Paints, Coatings and Inks

Pigments are important constituents in paints, coatings and inks. They are added to paints and coatings formulations to impart color, bulk or a desired physical and chemical property to the wet or dry film.

This selection guide will help you understand more about use of pigments, differences between pigments and dyes, types & different families of pigments, their properties & performances, pigment dispersions, applications in the paints & coatings industry and much more.

Pigment Dispersion

High quality coatings of high brilliance and color strength are characterized by:

  • A perfect pigment dispersion
  • Optimal pigment particle size
  • Long-term stabilization of the dispersed particle in the formulation.

Most organic pigments show better transparency as dispersion improves, while in the case of the larger particle size inorganic pigments, opacity is improved by good dispersion.

Pigment Dispersion


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