A-Z Knowledge on Wood-derived Chemicals

R&D Projects for the Valorization of Wood Cellulose

R&D Projects for the Valorization of Lignin from Wood

R&D Projects for the Valorization of Sugars from Wood

R&D Projects for the Valorization of Extractives from Wood

R&D Projects for the Valorization of Extractives from Wood


Research initiatives focus on the development of bio-based adhesives in particle board applications. R&D programs are also ongoing to use tannins as an alternative to bisphenol A for the manufacture of bio-based epoxy resins in food packaging, floor coatings and paint applications.

New developments concentrate on the hydrophobization of catechic tannins towards innovative insulating foams.

The bio-based tannin foams exhibit a thermal insulation capacity comparable to totally synthetic, oil-derived foams, such as polyurethanes. Their advantage is that they do not burn and thus, do not emit toxic gases on burning.

Advancement in Wood Extracts


Lignans are wood extractives, the content of which is particularly high in wood knots. Current R&D initiatives focus on the characterization and the bio-activity of lignans present in various softwood and hardwood tree species. This development can potentially lead to new applications for lignans in the pharma, nutraceuticals and cosmetics industry.


R&D projects focus on the use of phenolic terpene resins for the development of bio-based binder as an alternative to the bitumen mix in waterproofing membranes applications.


Indirect effects of current plant protection products are pointed at the environment and human health. There are R&D initiatives focused on the development of new biocontrol fungicide produced from extracts of co-products from the forest industry. Wood co-products contain active polyphenols (e.g, stibenoids in particular) which are effective molecules which can be included in a biocontrol agent formula and used in organic agriculture.

Having learnt about the research areas; let's turn our attention towards some innovative, novel biomaterials derived from wood biomass...

Wood Chemistry Reinventing Polymers for a Greener Future

Biopolymers Derived from Wood Extractives

Bio-based Polymers Derived from Wood-based Lignin

Bio-based Polymers from Wood Sugars

Bio-based Polymers from Wood Cellulose

Barriers to the Development of Wood Biomass-derived Bio-products

Feedstock Related Barriers

Technology Related Barriers

Market Related Barriers

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