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Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Wacker

VINNAPAS® EP 3360 ULS by Wacker is a vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymers (VAE)-based dispersion. Offers high opacity, binding power and stain resistance, even without coalescing aids. It is produced without the use of APEOs and features very low formaldehyde (< 20 ppm). It offers very high scrub resistance and a better hiding power than standard acrylic systems at the same PVC (pigment volume concentration) level. Delivers high stain resistance and good washability, which means that the resulting paint film is easier to clean, without impairing the appearance of the paint. Also displays good color acceptance and color consistency, even with difficult-to-formulate pigments. Its high solids content of 60 percent enhances supply chain efficiency by decreasing delivery frequency and the amount of silo space needed. VINNAPAS® EP 3360 ULS is suitable for use in flat to eggshell interior paints and plasters of low environmental impact in places where low-emission paints are essential, including children’s rooms, hotels and public buildings, such as hospitals and schools. Has a shelf life of 6 months starting from the date of manufacture if stored in the original, unopened containers at cool (below 30°C), but frost-free temperatures.

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VINNAPAS® EP 3360 ULS Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Solid content, DIN EN ISO 3251
xxxxxxx %
Viscosity, dynamic at 23 °C, DIN EN ISO 2555, Brookfield, spindle 5 / 20 rpm
xxxxxxxxxx mPa.s
pH value, DIN/ISO 976
Density, DIN EN ISO 2811-1
xxxx g/cm3
Minimum film forming temperature, DIN ISO 2115
x °C
Predominant particle size
xxx nm
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