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Trasol® KA-N

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by BASF

Trasol® KA-N by BASF is a potassium silicate solution with a high silica content. Acts as a binding agent. It penetrates into the substrate and its porosity inhibits condensation of water. Has low sensitivity to dirt, no yellowing and it is UV stable. It is inflammable and heat resistant. Exhibits high chemical resistance and inhibits the growth of germs. In comparison to sodium silicates, potassium silicates give a hardened coating of higher water resistance and much lower tendency for efflorescence. Modifications with small amounts of linear or cross linked organic polymers improve the rheology of paints and coatings compared to standard silicate solutions. It may be used for coating of fiber cement, calcium silicate-, mineral-fiber and other boarding materials. Trasol® KA-N is used in outdoor and indoor paints, plasters, primers, industrial coatings of construction- and insulation boards.

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