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Silvershine® P1000

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Eckart

Silvershine® P1000 by Eckart is an ultra-brilliant, extremely thin, lubricant- & isomer free methoxy propyl acetate (MPA) (less than 0.1%) based aluminium pigment dispersion. It is manufactured by physical vapor deposition (PVD) process. These platelets have a uniform, smooth surface with perfect non-leafing properties that result in an optical micro-mirror-like effect (unachievable by conventional metallic effect pigments). Exhibits increased shear stability, ideal binder viscosity, excellent pigment wetting properties and very good rub resistance. Provides highest level of reflectance, chrome-like finishes (owing to low dry film thickness (2 - 5 μm)) similar to metallization & galvanization, excellent color strength and hiding power. Offers highly brilliant color effects in combination with organic color pigments (if ratio of binder (solid) to Silvershine® P1000 (solid) is between 0.5:1 and 5:1). It can be used for overcoating with topcoats and can be mixed to obtain further color shades. Suitable for use in solvent-based industrial and automotive paints and coatings. Typical pigmentation levels of Silvershine® P1000 vary between 0.5% and 1.5% aluminium pigment (solid).

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