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Girnar- Hydrogenated Castor Oil

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Girnar Industries

Hydrogenated castor oil. It acts as a dispersing agent as well as a thixotropic agent. It enhances gloss, provides elasticity to film and gives slip, mar-resistance to the powder coating system. It is used for making non-drying alkyd resins which are used as a binder for N/C paints, stoving paints, wood-finishes, etc. It also acts as a blending agent for making compatible ethlcellolose with paraffin wax as also with polymethacrylate esters. Solvent-free ethyl cellulose-hot melts are used as protective coatings for food packaging. Recommended for iron blue, carbon black and other pigments (as dispersing agent) in systems where waxes, oils and resin are used. Also suitable for chlorinated rubber paints, epoxy-polyamide coatings (as thixotropic agent).

Girnar- Hydrogenated Castor Oil Product details

Product Type
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Chemical Composition
Physical Form
Cream to white
Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
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Bio Based
Bio Based Content Comments
Castor oil based
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