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Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Byk (Altana Group)

Solution of a lower molecular weight unsaturated acidic polycarboxylic acid polyester. Acts as a high molecular weight dispersing and wetting agnet for solvent-borne systems. Exhibits less controlled flocculating properties. Offers increased gloss along with simultaneous prevention of settling and sagging. Used in general industrial, architectural, wood and furniture and protective coatings. Also used in topcoats.

BYKUMEN® Product details

Product Type
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chemical Composition
Physical Form
Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bio Based

BYKUMEN® Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Acid value
xx mg KOH/g
Density at 68°F
xxxx lbs/US gal
Non-Volatile Components
xx %
Flash point
xx °F
Recommended Use Levels in inorganic pigments
xxxxx %
Recommended Use Levels in titanium dioxide/fillers
xxxxxxx %
Recommended Use Levels in bentonites
xxxxxxx %
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