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BYK® -1799

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Byk (Altana Group)

BYK® -1799 by Byk (Altana Group) is a blend of hydrophobic solids and foam-destroying polysiloxanes. It is a VOC-free (< 1500 ppm), silicone-containing defoamer for solvent-borne, high-solid, and solvent-free systems. It is particularly suitable for 100 % UV systems. BYK® -1799 displays extremely high defoaming action. It can be used for overprint varnishes if sufficient shear force is introduced. It is recommended for use in architectural and protective coatings. It is especially recommended for use in general industrial, wood and furniture coatings. Recommended dosage is 0.05-0.5% (in exceptional cases up to 0.8%) additive (as supplied) based on the total formulation. Its recommended dosage for use in matted and radiation-curing pigment concentrates and printing inks is 0.2-0.8%.

BYK® -1799 Product details

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BYK® -1799 Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Density @ 20°C
xxxx g/ml
Non-volatile matter (10 min., 150 °C)
xxxx %
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