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FlexaTrac™ DME-100

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Ascend Performance Materials

FlexaTrac™ DME-100 by Ascend Performance Materials is a low-VOC (volatile organic compound) dimethyl ester (DME). Acts as a readily biodegradable blending solvent. Exhibits excellent polymer solvency, excellent HSE rate and controlled solvent evaporation rate. It has an excellent health, safety and environment-friendly profile with mild to no odor. Shows high miscibility with most organic solvents. It is a clear and colorless liquid. Suitable for use on wood, plastic and metal substrates without damaging the substrate surface. FlexaTrac™ DME-100 by Ascend Performance Materials is a good alternative to perceived non-environmental friendly options such as acetates, dicholoro methane (DCM), glycol ethers and n-methyl-2-pyrolidone (nMP). Can be used in household and professional paint strippers on a wide range of resins including acrylics, alkyds, polyesters and polyurethanes. Designed to meet the LVP-VOC (low vapor pressure–volatile organic compound) criteria established by the California Air Resources Board and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s VOC requirements for consumer and institutional products.

FlexaTrac™ DME-100 Product details

Product Type
Chemical Composition
Physical Form
Clear, Colorless
Product Launch Date
Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
  • xxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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FlexaTrac™ DME-100 Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Dimethyl Succinate
xxxxxxx %wt
Dimethyl Glutarate
xxxxxxx %wt
Dimethyl Adipate
xxxxxxx %wt
Acid Content
xxxxx mg KOH/g
Water Content
xxxxx %wt
Methanol Content
xxxxx %wt
xxxx APHA
Molecular Weight
Distillation Range
xxxxxxxxx °C
Density @ 25°C
Specific Gravity @ 25°C
Viscosity @ 25°C
xxxx cps
Solubility in Water
xxx %wt
Water Solubility in DMEs
xxx %wt
Freezing Point
xxx °C
Flash Point (Pensky-Martin cc)
xxx °F
Surface Tension
xxxx dynes/cm
Electrical Resistance
xxx megohms
Vapor Pressure @ 20°C
xxxx torr

Solubility Properties

Test Condition
Test Method
Miscible in
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