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Streamlined Process

SpecialChem Open Innovation Process

Publishing a Request For Proposals (RFP) through the SpecialChem network is easy ! Follow our streamlined 4-steps process, and get connected with solution providers in a few weeks from now !

1. Fill in an RFP template

Writing your RFP is the most important step to a successful Technology Scout. The quality of the Proposals you will receive depends on the quality of the RFP. To be effective, the RFP must meet the following criteria:

  • Describe your need
  • Be understandable even for professionals outside your organization
  • Be very specific on the technical details
  • Have a scope open to solutions from adjacent industries
  • Bring value to a community eager to innovate
  • Preserve your confidentiality
  • Contact us to download the framing guidelines

Our innovation experts have designed a proprietary RFP template that guides you through this critical step. While using this template, you are assured to structured your need, including all required information.

Ask us for a template

Once your RFP is filled using the SpecialChem template, we will schedule a meeting together for step 2.

2. Get support and validation

With our internal experts and experience interacting with our business network since the year 2000, we help you frame your RFP to make it the most attractive as possible.

Your RFP is reviewed by our internal team of experts: senior engineers and PhD with both industrial and Open Innovation background. We will make sure that your RFP meets all the criteria required to fully describe your need. We will also help you refine your RFP and increase your chances of success. Especially, we will make sure that:

  • Your RFP is crystal clear and doesn't contain internal jargon
  • It is attractive to adjacent industries, making it a true Open Innovation project
  • Business output potentials are well-defined
Once you have given the final green-light, you are ready to leverage the largest industrial network specialized in chemicals and materials.

3. Connect with a specialized network

The most important asset to look at when evaluating an Open Innovation Intermediary is the relationship with the network: is it an engaged network?

Since 2000, SpecialChem has been providing quality content to our community, engaging with them through a dynamic relationship. As such, we launched 5 years ago the Open Innovation services, leveraging the largest specialized network in chemicals and materials, and most importantly leveraging its engaged dynamic relationship.

Important: SpecialChem will never publish anything that you will not have validated first. Your confidentiality is important to us, and we will sign confidentiality agreement on your request.

How will we promote your RFP?

  • Listed in each of the SpecialChem specialty websites (Adhesives, Coatings, Cosmetics, Polymer Additives, Omnexus): 3+ million unique visitors per year
  • Promote it in the industry newsletters we are sending to our network members (for which they have to register): 20 highly targeted newsletters sent per weeks
During this promotion, solution providers and partners will submit ready-to-use technology to answer your challenge. In their answer you will get: 
  • Detailed contact information 
  • Details about their solution
  • Uniqueness of their proposal
  • Maturity of their solution
  • The kind of relationship they are willing to consider

4. Receive business proposals

Received proposals are collected by SpecialChem; preserving your confidentiality, your initiative and competitive advantage. During this last step, all proposals are gathered and shared to you in an easy-to-use template that will help you quickly initiate business conversation with solution providers.

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