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Aqueous Inkjet Inks: Accelerate Formulation with Best Practices

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Recorded on Oct 6, 2021

Get the first-mover advantage by fast-tracking your expertise in aqueous inkjet inks formulation with the right selection of raw materials and formulation design.

Ink Specialist, Terence Kenneth, will reveal how to formulate wide format & desktop printer inkjet inks. Detailed discussion on low VOC water-based inks (binders, surfactants and co-solvents), including the choice of mixing equipment, grinding media etc. will also be covered.

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Terence Kenneth Presented By:
Terence Kenneth
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Water-based inks demand is on its peak today thanks to its compliance with VOC regulations. And, the shift to aqueous inkjet inks is inescapable. As traditional markets (packaging, textile, industrial manufacturing, etc.) start to shift too, a significant acceleration is expected in the coming months.

However, delivering the right functionality & durability (adhesion, color, abrasion resistance, wash fastness) in a water-based formulation with the constraints imposed by inkjet printing is not an easy task. The pace of change is so fast, you’ll miss the train if rely on trial & error methods to build your know-how. Join ink-expert Terrence Kenneth and:

  • Shorten your R&D time as you fast-track your understanding of the aqueous ink market.

  • Select the right raw materials by ensuring they have accurate viscosity, particle size and compatibility.

  • Learn about new colorants (dyes and pigments, co-solvents) to enhance your industry-knowledge.

  • Get expert tips to overcome challenges like ink stability, lightfastness, uniform color density, good jetting through the print head, etc.
Aqueous Inkjet Inks Formulation Best Practices

Who should view this course?

This course will benefit:
  • Managers of inkjet ink laboratories and technicians/chemists
  • Personnel who are beginners in aqueous inks printing.

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Course Outline

  1. Aqueous Ink Formulation: Core Fundamentals
    • Factors affecting its formulation (viscosity, range of surface tension, particle size...)
    • Application areas of aqueous inks (desktop, apparel, banner...)

  2. Types of Aqueous Inks/Water-based Inks
    • Dye inks
    • UV inks

  3. Identification & Selection of the Right Raw Materials
    • How to select the right raw materials?
    • What other raw materials are available for the formulation of water-based inks?
    • Binders, co-solvents, surfactants, other additives...
    • Overview of new colorants
    • Practical examples including the use of new raw materials

  4. Manufacturing Equipment & Methods
    • How to formulate wide format inkjet & desktop printer inks?
    • How to formulate on a large scale/laboratory scale?

  5. Inkjet Formulation Techniques
    • Step-by-step process of inkjet formulation
    • Tips to shorten R&D time

  6. 30 mins Q&A - Interact live with the expert for all your technical help !

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