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Formulating Modern Eco-Solvent Inkjet Inks

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Recorded on Feb 22, 2018

Move away from hard solvents to formulate eco-friendly inkjet inks for digital market that are compatible with a wider range of substrates vs conventional analog printing.

Terence Kenneth will help shorten your R&D time & ease your shift to inkjet by sharing real-world knowledge to help you with:
  • Raw material & latest eco-solvents’ selection
  • Inkjet formulation techniques & troubleshooting recurring challenges
  • Understanding performance criteria on different substrates

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Terence Kenneth Presented By:
Terence Kenneth
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

We all have witnessed the constant evolution in the inks industry (gravure to flexography, expensive to cost-efficient, low to high speed). And now, with increasing demands for more functionality (higher print quality,better adhesion, faster drying) and wider substrate compatibility Inkjet printing is fast turning into the go-to printing method! Further, the need to move away from hard solvents, is driving the popularity of eco-solvent inkjet printers in particular.

But with fast-paced evolution in digital printing, do you have the right skills & tools to stay in the game? Join the course and:

  • Reduce your R&D time with better understanding of raw material selection, formulation techniques, and manufacturing methods

  • Move away from hard solvents & formulate eco-friendly solutions better by understanding the needs of today’s eco-solvent market

  • Ease your transition to inkjet printing & stay ahead of the competition by capitalizing on Terence’s vast practical experience in digital ink formulations

Who should view this course?

  • Managers of inkjet ink laboratories and technicians

  • Formulators wanting to get a better understanding of inkjet ink formulation

  • R&D specialists in ink formulation industry looking to move towards eco-friendly solutions

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered during this session:

  • Latest raw materials in the market used in formulating eco-solvent inks
    • Pigments, dyes, binders/resins, solvents, dispersants, and other additives

  • Techniques for formulating more environmentally safe inks with commercial examples of eco-solvent formulations

  • Performance criteria on different printed media / substrates

  • Manufacturing methods and equipment, and ideal work flows
    • Wide format printing on machines like Mimaki and Mutoh and Roland

  • Helpful references: Globally positioned raw material suppliers

  • 30 Mins Q&A session - ask your questions directly to the expert!

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Members Reviews

The course gave a complete overview of the field in a concise manner

Vinayak N. , from Paint Researcher

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