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Formulating Silane Hybrid Adhesives & Coatings

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Recorded on Sep 29, 2016

Move faster to Silane Hybrid Technology and formulate the high performance & eco-friendly adhesives and coatings of the future (isocyanate-free, non-yellowing, better adhesion, less dirt accumulation...)

John Duffy will guide you to move from 1K PU to Silane Hybrids formulations with a view of cost-effective formulation tactics, materials selection, current & upcoming applications and also patent landscape.

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John Duffy Presented By:
John Duffy

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Being into 1K PU adhesives and roof coatings formulation, you know that the next industry move will be Hybrid Silanes. They perform better and are more eco-friendly. Only this is a brand new chemistry to master, with its very large design flexibility… Join this course and:

  1. Understand the basic chemistry, the various raw material options & latest cost-effective strategies!

  2. Know where your opportunity lies by diving into current (Construction, Industrial, DIY) & emerging applications: 2K products as elastic adhesive, 1K products with low water requirement, white roof coatings…

  3. Clarify performance targets that are required to stay in tune with the market positions of finished products
Silane Hybrid Adhesives & Coatings

Who should view this course?

1K PU adhesives and Elastomeric Coatings formulators willing to step into Hybrid Silanes Technology and secure their future

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered during this course:
  1. Basic Silane Hybrids Chemistry and Technology

  2. Existing Adhesives & Coatings Applications in Construction, Industrial, DIY

  3. Market Positions of Finished Products

  4. Types of Silane Modified Polymers:
    • Silane-terminated polyethers
    • Silane-terminated polyurethane
    • Silane-terminated urethane/urea & more...

  5. Internal Polymer Synthesis

  6. Other formulating materials:
    • Plasticizers/polymeric extenders
    • Tackifier resins
    • Fumed silica
    • Desiccants
    • UV absorbers/ HALS
    • Catalysts
    • And more...

  7. Current Patent Landscape

  8. Emerging Applications

  9. Unmet Needs

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Members Reviews

Nice Balance between technical, practical and processing Information. As well as good insights into the capabilities of suppliers and the needs of the different Players in the market.

Alenka D. , from Momentive Performance Materials GmbH

Addressed roofing specific uses of the technology and issues with the needed formulation type.

Adem C. , from GAF

It was a very good balance of basic information but with the ability to deep dive into the details.

Jon B. , from Chem Link

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