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Zinsser Introduces Cover-Stain® Advanced Formula Water-Base: The "Next Generation" Water-Base Primer

Published on 2008-01-03. Author : SpecialChem

Somerset, NJ -- Zinsser, a leader in product innovation since 1849, is proud to introduce the "next generation" interior/exterior water-base primer - Cover-Stain® Advanced Formula Water- Base Primer-Sealer Stain Killer.

The product of more than four years of laboratory research and testing, Cover-Stain WB combines a unique resin system in an advanced water-base formula that delivers all the features and benefits of Zinsser's popular High Hide Cover-Stain® oil-base primer - including great adhesion, fast dry, easy sanding and the ability to block water-soluble stains. Cover-Stain WB blocks stains from water, nicotine, smoke damage - even tannin bleed from cedar - as well as oil-soluble stains like grease, crayon, tar or asphalt, usually in just one coat. It also offers the specific performance characteristics that professional painters in Southern California cite as reasons they prefer High Hide Cover-Stain over competitive primers.

Cover-Stain WB dries fast to a hard flat finish that can be sanded ultra-smooth in just 45 minutes. The full bodied interior/exterior formula offers exceptional sag resistance and flexibility, as well as great enamel holdout. It hides all dark colors and seals porous surfaces for better topcoat coverage and a more even color and sheen. Like oil-base primers, it's also a great sealer for all types of wood -- new, weathered, plywood and T1-11. The advanced formula water-base primer offers easy flow and leveling, so it can be brushed, rolled or sprayed -- without the special respirators, solvent clean-up, or hazardous disposal associated with oil-base products.

Featuring legendary Zinsser adhesion, Cover-Stain WB sticks to all surfaces - even glossy surfaces like tile, paneling or glossy paint - without sanding or deglossing. It's ideal for use on all interior and exterior surfaces including drywall, painted wood, cured plaster, concrete, stucco, aluminum, vinyl, steel, galvanized metal or PVC.

Cover-Stain® Advanced Formula Water-Base Primer-Sealer Stain Killer is currently available in the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) of Southern California in gallons, quarts and 3- and 5-gallon pails.

Source: Zinsser

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