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Worlée Offers MIT-free PU Modified Alkyd Emulsion

Published on 2018-08-03. Author : SpecialChem

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Worlée has announced that it is now offering a methylisothiazolinone-(MIT-)free version of its overall best performing PU modified alkyd emulsion WorléeSol E 150 W. Thereby the mid-sized company reacts on the increased demand for alternative preservations.

Increased Demand for Alternative Preservations

Worlee Wood Coatings
Worlée Offers MIT-free PU Modified Alkyd Emulsion
Background is the draft of an EU regulation according to which paints containing MIT as preservative in amounts exceeding 15 ppm need to be labeled with H317, in concentrations between 0.15 ppm and 15 ppm with EUH208.

Methylisothiazolinone is a preservative used not only within the coating industry but also in the cosmetics industry and is known as a contact sensitizer due to its allergenic and cytotoxic potential.

Wide Range of Application Areas

WorléeSol E 150 W shows excellent drying performance as well as hardness development and is used in many different decorative areas such as in wood protection primers or stains.

The product is also suitable for industrial applications as for example anti-corrosion primers. Furthermore, it offers very good weather resistance and insulating properties and can easily be combined with acrylic dispersions.

Source: Worlée
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