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Worlée at ACS 2018: to Exhibit Eco-friendly Binders & Emulsions

Published on 2018-02-08. Author : SpecialChem

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Worlée has announced that it will present its new raw materials for the paint, coating and construction industry at the American Coatings Show 2018 in Indianapolis. Worlée will be introducing its innovative water-based, solvent-free alkyd and acrylic binders for manufacturing sustainable coating systems.

Product Innovations at the ACS 2018

Worlee Architectural Paint
Worlée at ACS 2018: to Exhibit Eco-friendly Binders & Emulsions
for Decorative & Wood Coatings
With a comprehensive range of additives and binders, the northern German company supplies chemical raw materials, in very modern production facilities, with environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient production methods, and versatility.

The Worlée portfolio has been expanded by new developments last year within the:
  • WorléeCryl product families
  • WorléeThix product families
  • WorléeSol product families 
They were presented for the first time at the European Coatings Show 2017. These products will also be found at the ACS this year.

WorléeThix – Thixotropic Alkyd Emulsions

  • With the new items in the WorléeThix product group, the family company is offering two thixotropic alkyd emulsions that allow the production of drip-resistant lacquer systems that can be thinned with water
  • The two product types can be differentiated by their viscosity
  • While WorléeThix VP E 165 W is supplied as a solid gel, WorléeThix VP E 166 W is available as a soft gel
  • As co-binding agents, WorléeThix VP E 165 W and WorléeThix VP E 166 W lessen the phase separation during paint storage and improve the rheology during application to vertical surfaces, meaning that they can also easily be used for wood finishes
  • Both products are shear-stable and feature a solids content of 40%
  • In addition, polar solvents have little to no influence on the thixotropy of the lacquer systems

WorléeSol VGT 8709

  • With 97 % renewable raw materials content, the new binder WorléeSol VGT 8709 is especially environmentally friendly and is receiving top marks in the Worlée portfolio
  • The solvent-free, medium oil, specially modified alkyd emulsion is used in water-thinnable decorative and architectural paints with excellent gloss and good hardness development

WorléeSol NW 474

  • WorléeSol NW 474 is a long oil amine and co-solvent free alkyd emulsion and especially suitable for the manufacturing of wood care products and protecting stains
  • A further application field for WorléeSol NW 474 is open time and body improvement of decorative and house paints based on WorléeSol E 150 W by addition of 3 - 10 % on total formulation
  • The content of renewable raw materials is 83 %

WorléeCryl 7712 W

  • It is a special cationic pure acrylic solution for wood insulating primer
  • It has excellent sealing properties against bleeding and protects the top coat against discoloration, blistering and adhesion loss
  • WorléeCryl 7712 W can also be used for the production of nicotine insulating paints and clear glazes 

Source: Worlée
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