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Whitford Launches its Latest Nonstick Coating, Quantum350

Published on 2011-05-09. Author : SpecialChem

ELVERSON, PA -- Quantum350, a new coating from Whitford, offers advantages not previously available to appliance manufacturers. It reduces rejects in cast aluminum dramatically, offers better, longer-lasting release, saves energy, is easier to apply and makes a more eye-appealing product. It does all this in a remarkable one-coat coating!

As manufacturers of appliances know, one of the most costly problems with aluminum castings is "outgassing", the sudden "pop" of trapped air escaping from inside the aluminum as it is heated during the curing of the nonstick coating, often leaving an ugly "blister" that means the piece is a reject. The higher the cure temperature, the greater the incidence of such blisters. Virtually all nonstick coatings cure between 400-430°C/750-805°F. And most blistering begins to occur at 380°C/715°F. What's remarkable about new Quantum350 is that it cures at 350°C/660°F.

In terms of damage from blisters, Quantum350 is far better than conventional two-coats. Yet its benefits go beyond this:

  1. Reduces warping: Castings such as griddles often warp when cured at 400°C/750°F. Quantum350's lower cure avoids most of this risk.
  2. Saves energy and money: Running the cure ovens at 350°C is far more energy-efficient than running them at 400-430°C. Reducing the number of rejected pieces cuts the cost of remelting. It also avoids the cost of creating new castings to replace the rejects (which then have to be coated again).
  3. The release of a two-coat: Quantum350's unique formula gives all the release of a twocoat nonstick in one economical coat, something that was impossible until now.
  4. Outstanding corrosion resistance: Passes immersion in 10% saltwater for 120 hours with no blisters, no visible changes.
  5. Brighter sparkle: Quantum350's unique one-coat formula permits the metallic effect in the black coating to have all the sparkle of a two-coat, which increases eye appeal at POS.
  6. User-friendly: Quantum350 requires only a light gritblast (most conventional coatings require a heavy gritblast) or an etch prior to coating, making it easier (and more economical) to use. It is also more easily recoated than conventional nonsticks.

About Whitford Corporation

Whitford Corporation was founded in 1969. Whitford maintains a variety of processing equipment: metal-treatment lines, etching lines, standard air spray, HVLP, electrostatic spray, powder-coating facilities, roller coating, curtain coating, dip/spin, ovens, etc. This permits us to replicate the entire application process and pinpoint precisely where the problem is occurring - quickly and efficiently.

Source: Whitford Corporation

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