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WDG Introduces StrataCoat 1220, a PUR Base Coating that Protects SPF Roofing Systems

Published on 2011-08-16. Author : SpecialChem

LAGRANGE, Ohio -- West Development Group (WDG), one of the leaders in sustainable roofing products and practices, introduces StrataCoat 1220, a one-component, polyurethane base coating used to protect spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing systems. A cost-effective base coat, StrataCoat 1220 is moisture-cured, aromatic, and fire retardant. It also provides an excellent vapor barrier.

As a base coat, the polyurethane in StrataCoat 1220 provides:

  • Higher tensile strength (ASTM D-41 - 1500) for hail resistance and protection against foot traffic
  • Low permeability for better moisture vapor resistance over cold storage facilities
  • StrataCoat 1220 is suitable for direct application to SPF prior to top coating. Available in 55 gallon and five gallon containers, Stratacoat 1220 comes in two colors: dark gray and light gray.

    WDG's HSS 535 solvent-free silicone coating, and HSS 540 R2R® - an exclusive roof-to-roof, solvent-free silicone coating that contains recycled and reprocessed EPDM - are the recommended products for applying topcoats.

    About West Development Group

    West Development Group (WDG) specializes in silicone and polyurethane foam technologies used in the roofing industry. The company is committed to sustainability and protecting the environment through ecologically sound products and practices. WDG products are developed with knowledge gained from nearly 30 years of input from roofing contractors. The WDG roof system is the only total silicone roof that makes total ecological sense. A quality silicone roof system helps save money in installation and maintenance.

    Source: West Development Group

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