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Ward/Kraft, Inc. Premiers Eco-Friendly Holographic Coating For Virtually Any Printable Material

Published on 2008-07-29. Author : SpecialChem

Ward/Kraft, Inc., the trade leader in providing security printing solutions for print distributors, has announced the release of an eco-friendly security printing option. This VOC free holographic UV coating is 100% recyclable and non-polluting. The "green" holographic coating can be applied to labels, plastics, magnets, card stock, virtually any coated product, providing distributors with a recyclable holographic security solution. With the release of this new option, Ward/Kraft firmly establishes itself as the broadest range security printing solution provider for the independent print distributor and ASI channels.

The new "green" coating is offered in 19 standard holographic patterns, 3 of which are kept on-the-floor while another 16 are readily available to Ward/Kraft. The coating can be flood coated and/or printed as a custom image from digital artwork. This new solution provides a "green" holographic coating with a glass like, even and smooth surface finish devoid of streaking or scuffing. Distributors benefit by being first-to-market with a green holographic solution for virtually any printed product their customers need. Customer service representatives are available to answer questions and to provide quick quotes.

"Ward/Kraft is very excited to be among the first approved in the US print industry to provide a holographic green solution to our distributors," said Gina Holt, Vice President of Sales. "Our distributors can take a green holographic solution to pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electronics, packaging, retail and other customers before their industry competitors," concluded Holt.

Ward/Kraft's eco-friendly holographic solution is the newest addition to their security printing offering which includes overt and covert options in inks, coatings and materials. The Ward/Kraft production and customer service teams are dedicated to being the premier security printing manufacturer in the print distributor channel. All security products can be quickly priced by the customer service team via phone, fax, mail and email.

Source: Ward/Kraft

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