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Want More Hours In The Day? Now You Can, Thanks To New CC931 Extreme Speed Clearcoat

Published on 2007-12-03. Author : SpecialChem

Warrensville Heights, OH -- ULTRA 7000® Extreme Speed Clearcoat CC931 from Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Corp. (SWAFC) is a premium quality, high solids urethane clearcoat designed to delivery industry-leading performance in air-dry and baking scenarios.

Designed to cut booth times in half, it can save almost 20 minutes of booth time per repair order; that means a dramatic decrease in booth waiting times (in most cases just a five - ten minute 140 degree bake cycle), and reduces the inefficient task of waiting for paint to dry.

CC931 is part of the new SWAFC Extreme Speed Process (ESP) that dramatically speeds up the repair process; this provides an extensive opportunity for increased productivity because now shops can save enough time to potentially deliver between one and nine extra cars per day!

Just apply two coats of CC931 wet-on-wet - there's no flash time between coats - and the result is a far faster repair with excellent gloss, DOI and appearance on spot to multi-repair panels. It allows for reassembly in just 15 minutes.

CC931 is out of dust in only 20 minutes and can be sanded and buffed with a two hour air dry. CC931 has global GM approval, delivers a showroom finish and is backed by a lifetime guarantee when applied by a certified repair facility.

Source: Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes (SWAFC)

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