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WACKER Unveils VAE Dispersion for Rotogravure Paper Coatings

Published on 2017-09-06. Author : SpecialChem

The WACKER Group has announced that it is introducing a novel binder for coated paper at the PTS Coating Symposium 2017 in Munich.


WACKER New Dispersion
Proofs printed on coated papers: the newly
developed VINNAPAS® EF 3101 confers
excellent print images.

  • It is a vinyl acetate-ethylene-copolymer (VAE) dispersion 
  • It is developed specifically for rotogravure paper coatings
  • The binder has a high level of compressibility and develops a high degree of smoothness, enabling superior print quality
  • The dispersion complies with the EU ecolabel requirements for graphic paper and different food contact regulations
  • VINNAPAS® EF 3101 is particularly suitable for coatings on paper for high-end magazines, catalogs, books and packaging

The PTS Coating Symposium takes place at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in Munich from September 5 to 6.

The new dispersion VINNAPAS®EF 3101 has been developed for demanding paper coatings, specifically for high-quality printing by the rotogravure process. This new binder, based on vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymers (VAE), offers a range of performance properties that, until now, has only been possible with alternative systems.

Elastic and Flexible Dispersion

With a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 0°C, VINNAPAS® EF 3101 is a very elastic and flexible dispersion. This offers a very high compressibility that enables good ink transfer from the plate cylinder onto the paper. Moreover, the new binder provides the coating with good calendared sheet gloss and high opacity.

Surfaces coated with the new binder facilitate a clear, sharp print image with bright colors and good ink gloss. VINNAPAS® EF 3101 further shows similar rheology behavior to alternative binders such as styrene acrylics and styrene-butadiene latexes.

Compliance with Several Eco Labeling Standards

The new product can be readily formulated into a coating color with existing ingredients and applied using conventional paper coating methods. Furthermore, VINNAPAS® EF 3101 is manufactured without the use of alkylphenol ethoxylate (APEO) surfactants.

It complies with several eco labeling standards, such as the EU Ecolabel for graphic paper, as well as the food contact regulations of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR Recommendations XIV and XXXVI) and the US Food and Drug Administration (21CFR176.170/180).

Our novel binder VINNAPAS® EF 3101 shows excellent application and performance properties and thus complements WACKER’s broad portfolio of VAE dispersions,” says Dr. Peter Tkaczuk, Strategic Marketing Manager for Paper applications at WACKER POLYMERS.

VINNAPAS® EF 3101 is therefore an ideal binder for rotogravure paper coatings where high print resolution and long-lasting quality are required. These include high-quality magazines, illustrated books and high-resolution graphic paperboard packaging.

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Source: WACKER
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