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WACKER Presented Sustainable Silicone and Polymer Products for Innovative Paint and Coating Applications

Published on 2010-03-16. Author : SpecialChem

MUNICH/MUMBAI -- At the PAINT INDIA 2010 in Mumbai , the Munich-based WACKER Group presented itself with the slogan "Inspired by Excellence." The focus was on long-lasting product solutions for the Indian paints and coatings industry, ranging from solvent-free silicone resins and silicone resin emulsions for heat-resistant or water-based coatings, to environmentally-friendly dispersions for low-odor interior paints. WACKER also presented dispersible polymer powders for flexible sealing slurries and tile adhesives, as well as for modern exterior insulation and finish systems.

Among WACKER's highlights at this year's PAINT INDIA were innovative SILRES® products. These are specialty polysiloxanes that serve as binders or hardeners for paints and coatings. SILRES® IC 232, an alkoxy silicone resin intermediate, bestows superior resistance to heat and weathering on organic binders. It is used for the production of siliconized polyester, alkyd, epoxy and acrylic resins. SILRES® IC 232 is notable for its especially high reactivity and, when it comes to speed, offers its users clear advantages when formulating their binder systems. One possible application is for exterior coil coatings.

Concern about the environment has increasingly led to the replacement of solvent-based paints with water-based ones. When doing this, it is crucial that the positive characteristics of the binder are not compromised. Here, SILRES® MP 50 E, a silicone resin emulsion, conforms to regulations of leading institutes such as the US Food and Drug Administration (e.g. FDA 175.300). It is now possible to create a water-based silicone resin coating that, when fully hardened, provides a surface coating suitable for kitchen appliances, cooking utensils and grills.

The new SILRES® HP product line is another innovation. It combines the usual characteristics associated with silicone resins, such as excellent weathering resistance, with the property that it can already cure at room temperature, as a two-component system. Coating systems modified with SILRES® HP are resistant to solvents, and are more resistant to, and better protected from, aggressive UV radiation, corrosion and chemicals. They are mostly used for applications which have to endure heat, intense sunlight and moisture, e.g. bridges and industrial equipment.

VINNAPAS® VAE Dispersions: Odorless, Decorative, solvent-Free Paints

VINNAPAS® dispersions based on vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE) copolymers are ideal for environmentally-friendly, decorative paints. They are free of plasticizers and solvents, and contain an extremely low amount of formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Specific VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions therefore lend themselves to developing odor-free indoor paints. On the other hand, special VINNAPAS® dispersions based on vinyl acetate/ethylene/vinyl chloride terpolymers are excellent binders for decorative outdoor paints.

Silicone Resin Emulsion Paints for Effective Facade Protection

SILRES® BS silicone resin emulsion paints rank among the most advanced facade coating systems. They offer a good combination of outstanding properties of mineral and synthetic-resin-bound paints. These include excellent water-vapor permeability, extremely low water absorption and exceptional durability. SILRES® BS products are innovative, environmentally-compatible raw materials for the production of water-repellent masonry coatings, construction chemicals and materials.

VINNAPAS® Dispersible Polymer Powders: Innovative Binders for Modern Construction and Coating Applications

VINNAPAS® polymer powders are thermoplastic, plasticizer-free VAE-based polymers. The benefits that VINNAPAS® bestows on the end product include easier processing, excellent anchorage to all substrates, increased flexibility and flexural strength, and enhanced weathering resistance. These make VINNAPAS® ideal for modern construction and coating applications such as sealing slurries for sewers, pipes and basements, and as an additive for modern tile adhesives or energy-efficient exterior insulation and finish systems. Another advantage is that VINNAPAS® polymer powders do not contain plasticizers or film-forming aids, and therefore have low emissions levels.

VINNAPAS® Solid Resins: Polyvinyl Acetate for Coatings and Adhesives Applications

Due to their excellent adhesion to various substrates, such as wood, cardboard and metal, VINNAPAS® solid resins are the binders preferred by adhesives manufacturers for solvent-based adhesives. VINNAPAS® can also be used to formulate primers for metallizing packaging or modifying NC coatings. The product range covers homopolymers and copolymers in various viscosities and delivery forms.

VINNOL® Surface-Coating Resins: Versatile Binders for Industrial Coatings and Printing Inks

VINNOL® is WACKER's brand name for a broad range of copolymers and terpolymers based on vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate. Integrating functional groups makes for specific properties such as excellent adhesion to metal and plastic, outstanding pigment wetting and curability. VINNOL® resins are primarily used in solvent-based applications in coatings and printing inks. All VINNOL® grades can be combined with each other, allowing the preparation to be customized to the requirements of the application, e.g. for the formulation of gravure, inkjet and screen printing inks, or for coating metal and metallized substrates for heat-sealing applications in the packaging sector. Further applications include plastic coatings, wood varnishes and adhesives for fittings.

Source: WACKER

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