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WACKER at ECS 2019: to Unveil Dispersible Polymer Powders for Biocide-free Wall Paints

Published on 2019-02-08. Author : SpecialChem

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WACKER NEXIVAWACKER will be introducing its new NEXIVA® product line at this year’s European Coatings Show. With its dispersible polymer powders, manufacturers can now produce interior wall paints in powder form.

New NEXIVA® Product Line

The technology does not require the addition of biocides and offers key advantages when it comes to storing and transporting paints. The 2019 European Coatings Show will be held in Nuremberg, Germany, March 19 – 21.

By developing NEXIVA®, WACKER has now created a technology for the production of biocide-free paints. At the 2019 European Coatings Show, the Munich chemical group will present a product line based on spray-dried polymeric binders suitable for producing interior wall paints in either liquid or powder form. Paint manufacturers can use NEXIVA® to create individual paint formulations, just as they can with traditional binders in dispersion form.

Powder Paints

  • Powder paints remain stable, even without the addition of preservatives. Water for redispersing the paints is not added until just prior to application, thus eliminating the need for adding biocides during production
  • As the paint dries, all that evaporates is water
  • Due to the polymers, the paint adheres well and has good spreading properties
  • In addition, paints are easier to transport and store when they are in powder form, as they weigh less, for instance, and can be packaged differently from liquid paints
  • Unlike traditional wall paints, powdered versions do not freeze in the cold, nor do they thicken when exposed to heat

WACKER will be unveiling the first products from its new NEXIVA® line over the course of 2019.

New at ECS 2019: The WACKER Forum

WACKER will be devoting a total of 240 square meters of floor space to solutions for paints, coatings, construction and adhesives applications at the 2019 European Coatings Show.

More than 70 experts will be on hand at Booth 1-510 in Hall 1 to discuss the products and their applications with interested parties. Making a new appearance this year will be the WACKER Forum, right beside the main booth.

Here, 30-minute presentations aimed at an international specialist audience will be held on technology, trends and innovations under the motto “Let’s talk about...”

Source: WACKER
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