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WACKER at ECS 2015: Unveils Silicone Resin Emulsion, Polymeric Binders & more for Coatings

Published on 2015-04-22. Author :

MUNICH -- At ECS, taking place in Nuremberg, Germany, WACKER Group introduces innovations for paints and coatings, and for the construction and adhesives industries. The products ranges from a novel silicone resin emulsion for water-repellent wood impregnation systems to a new series of polymeric binders for highly durable, brilliant exterior paints. Silane-terminated polymers yield high-performance adhesives that are extremely resistant to tearing yet highly elastic. WACKER is presenting two solutions for modifying gypsum drywall products: a dispersible polymer powder for smooth, crack-free grout mortars and a water-repellent silicone additive. New polymer dispersions serve as excellent binders in flooring adhesives and in applications for high-quality exterior and interior paints and plasters. Innovative dispersible polymer powders for sealing slurries and tile adhesives round out WACKER’s tradeshow offerings.

New silicone resin emulsion SILRES® WH provides wood with long-lasting protection against moisture and damp, as evidenced by the beading effect on impregnated wood (right). In contrast, the untreated wood (left) soaks up wet immediately. By providing long-term protection, SILRES® WH greatly reduces the frequency of renovating and recoating exterior woodwork.

The Munich-based WACKER Group is hosting an approximately 230-square-meter booth at ECS 2015, presenting innovations and comprehensive expertise for the paints and coatings industries and for construction and adhesives applications. Some 60 technical experts are on hand for informative discussions with existing and prospective customers.

A Wide Variety of Paint and Coating Applications

Water and moisture can damage wood and open the door to later problems, such as fungal and insect attack – new SILRES® WH silicone resin emulsion offers a long-lasting solution. The product can be used both for hydrophobic impregnation and as an additive in formulations for film-forming, pigmented wood stains. Also celebrating its premier is the new PRIMIS® line of binders for high-quality exterior applications. The first of these products, PRIMIS® AF 1000, combines organic and inorganic components, enabling the formulation of bright and highly durable exterior paints with reduced dirt pick-up. The new VINNAPAS® LL 3031 dispersion is an impressively versatile binder for high-quality paint and plaster applications – as suitable for flame-resistant renders as it is for low-emission interior paints (VOC < 1 g/l).

Drywall: New Solutions for Gypsum Applications

Visitors to ECS 2015 are introduced to WACKER’s VINNAPAS® 4800 G, a polymeric binder specially designed for gypsum-based joint fillers in modern drywall applications. In gypsum-based grout mortars, this low-emission dispersible polymer powder produces outstanding tensile adhesive strength on gypsum plasterboard and joint tape, yielding particularly smooth, level surfaces with no cracks or seams. Another drywall product that WACKER is presenting is a highly efficient water repellent: SILRES® BS POWDER S makes gypsum-based dry-mix mortars hydrophobic. This powdery additive is virtually free of volatile organic compounds and can be quickly mixed with water without raising dust.

Binders for High-Performance and Flooring Adhesives

For industrial adhesives and waterproofing membranes, WACKER is presenting novel silane-terminated polymers: GENIOSIL® XT allows manufacturers to produce highly elastic materials that exhibit exceptional tear strength upon curing – the binder thus offers a technically equivalent alternative to systems based on polyurethane. WACKER will also introduce new VINNAPAS® EF 8860 as a solution for flexible flooring adhesives. Besides exhibiting outstanding cohesion, adhesives containing this aqueous polymer dispersion also adhere well to the floor covering to be bonded. This makes this product ideal for flexible floor coverings such as carpets, PVC and linoleum.

Dispersible Polymer Powders for Construction Applications

In addition to excellent tensile adhesive strength – even after prolonged exposure to water – and outstanding crack bridging, the new VINNAPAS® 4040 E dispersible polymer powder yields superb processing properties. This makes the binder ideal for formulating flexible sealing slurries for use in sewers, pipes, basements and bathrooms. VINNAPAS® 8620 E, on the other hand, is particularly suitable for high-quality, low-emission tile adhesives. With this binder in the formulation, builders can reliably bond modern large-format tiles and very thin ones, as well as porcelain and natural-stone materials – even after heat, moisture, or freeze/thaw cycles.


WACKER is one of the globally active chemical companies based in Munich. The Group's portfolio focuses on semiconductor technology, silicone chemistry, polymer chemistry, specialty chemicals and biotechnology, as well as polysilicon. WACKER has 15,600 employees at 22 production sites in Europe, America and Asia, as well as 100 sales offices worldwide. WACKER is 51-percent owned by Dr. Alexander Wacker Familiengesellschaft mbH, Munich and 49-percent owned by Aventis S.A., Strasbourg, France.

Source: WACKER

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