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Vertec BioSolvents, Inc. Introduces BioBased ELSOL™-LQ to Replace Toluene for Cleaning Lacquers

Published on 2008-05-06. Author : SpecialChem

Downers Grove, IL -- Vertec BioSolvents, Inc has introduced the new ELSOL™-LQ blend. It has been discovered that biobased ELSOL™-LQ has a vastly superior cleaning capability over toluene when cleaning lacquers used in the inks and coatings markets.

Testing has been completed on ELSOL™-LQ versus toluene as a cleaning solvent for lacquers by several major manufacturers. It was found that the ELSOL™-LQ cleaned lacquers faster, and with less solvent usage than toluene. This leads to cost savings from faster color changes, less clean up time, lower solvent usage, and lower waste disposal costs.

ELSOL™-LQ is a 100% biobased replacement for toluene made from green, carbon neutral, sustainable chemistry that is completely biodegradable. It is an EPA approved SNAP solvent that contains no HAPS, and no environmentally hazardous chemicals. It is a completely safe, non-toxic and non carcinogenic alternative to petroleum based solvents.

About Vertec BioSolvents, Inc.:

Vertec BioSolvents Inc. is a unique technology and manufacturing company dedicated to providing bio-based, renewable resource alternatives to petroleum-based solvents, a business dedicated to "Green" chemistry. The company manufactures custom blends of biosolvents based primarily on four major ingredients - ethyl lactate, fatty acid methyl esters (soy methyl esters), d-limonene and ethanol for a variety of specialty applications in industrial and agricultural markets.

Source: Vertec BioSolvents

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