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Versamid PUR – Cognis expands polyurethane resin line

Published on 2007-03-09. Author : SpecialChem

The demands placed on printing ink resin suppliers for flexible packaging lamination applications have increased in recent years. Manufacturers of flexible packaging require materials that help them streamline their production processes, and combine excellent performance properties with environmental soundness. In response to this demand, Cognis has expanded its range of Versamid® PUR resins with new products in the Versamid PUR 1000, 1100, and 7000 series.

To enhance their marketing efforts in this very competitive market, manufacturers of consumer (food and cosmetic) products depend on high performance materials and sophisticated printing techniques to create eye-catching effects on the packaging to influence the consumer's purchasing decision – at the same time, these same packages must withstand rigorous handling during the production and delivery process. Manufacturers of packaging and printing inks, meanwhile, also want multi-purpose resins that have excellent performance properties, can simplify their product offering and help reduce costs. Lamination ink resins need to exhibit excellent color development, bond strength, and adhesion on a variety of substrates, have very low residual solvent in the dried ink, and fast resolubility on the press (open-time). Cognis has now expanded its line of Versamid PUR resins with a number of products that fulfill all of these requirements. And because Versamid PUR type resins are based on proprietary tin-free aliphatic technology, they are environmentally sound. They are also film forming, completely miscible with a variety of alcohols or alcohol/ester systems, and can be used to create high-solids inks.

For years, Cognis has been developing specific resins to suit the needs of different applications. The resins of the Versamid PUR 1000 range are considered universal resins that can be used in a wide variety of applications, thus simplifying the production processes of Cognis' customers, and boosting their productivity. Products in the Versamid PUR 1100 range can be combined with different co-resins to produce different characteristics. The Versamid PUR 7000 resins, meanwhile, are also compatible with co-resins and are primarily designed for surface printing.

Tailor-made solutions for all kinds of applications

Both Versamid PUR 1010 and 1120 are non-reactive thermoplastic polyurethane resins suitable for use in flexographic and gravure inks for packaging, as they do not cause flexographic printing plates to swell. Inks based on the two new resins have excellent solvent release properties and provide outstanding cohesion, flexibility and adhesion to a variety of polyolefin, polyester, polymer-coated, and metallized films. Versamid PUR 1120 comes with the added benefits of nitrocellulose compatibility, improved hardness, and enhanced heat resistance.

Versamid PUR 7132 is a TDI- and tin-free, non-reactive polyurethane solution that exhibits broad compatibility with a variety of co-resins and additives. It can be used as a flexibilizing resin for film forming binders and as an adhesion promoting resin for flexographic and gravure printing inks.

Combining performance and environmental soundness

The snack and convenience food market is growing fast, but competition is fierce, and high-quality packaging and printing can give a product the vital competitive edge. Says Bob Lieberman, global Market Manager of Cognis: "Customers producing lamination structure need resins that provide excellent performance and can be used in multiple applications, so as to lower their costs. Our expanded Versamid PUR resin line combines performance and cost benefits with environmental soundness, and provides our customers with a number of competitive advantages in the marketplace."

About Cognis

Cognis is a worldwide supplier of innovative specialty chemicals and nutritional ingredients, with a particular focus on the areas of wellness and sustainability. The company employs about 8,000 people, and it operates production sites and service centers in 30 countries. Cognis has dedicated its activities to a high level of sustainability and delivers natural source raw materials and ingredients for food, nutrition and healthcare markets, and the cosmetics, detergents and cleaners industries. Another main focus is on products for a number of other industries, such as coatings and inks, lubricants, textiles, as well as agriculture and mining. The company holds a 50-percent stake in the joint venture Cognis Oleochemicals, one of the world's leading manufacturers of oleochemicals.

Cognis is owned by private equity funds advised by Permira, GS Capital Partners, and SV Life Sciences. In 2005, Cognis recorded sales of 3.18 billion euros and an Adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, income taxes, depreciation, amortization and exceptional items) of 356 million euros.

Source: Cognis

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