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Vencorex Launches Tolonate™ X FLO 100, a Bio-based, Solvent-free Aliphatic Isocyanate Polymer

Published on 2013-03-25. Author : SpecialChem

NÜREMBERG -- Vencorex has recently launched Tolonate™ X FLO 100 a new, partially bio-based, solvent-free aliphatic isocyanate polymer. While providing extreme low viscosity in formulations, Tolonate™ X FLO 100 demonstrates outstanding properties, ideal for polyurethane and polyurea materials. The XFLO 100 completes the Tolonate™ and Easaqua™ ranges owned by Vencorex.

A bio-based polyisocyanate cross-linker

Tolonate™ X FLO 100 is a bio-based polyisocyanate made of 25% Renewable material*

Outstanding flow and leveling properties

Thanks to its unique and innovative structure based on Hexamethylene Diisocyanate, Tolonate™ X FLO 100 exhibits extremely low viscosity at 100 % solids, enhancing flow and leveling properties of coating formulations.

Formulations with low VOC emissions

Tolonate™ X FLO 100 is in particularly designed to produce solvent-free polyurethane and polyurea materials and / or to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions of polyurethane formulations.

Tolonate™ XFLO 100 can be used in a large variety of polyurethane and polyurea materials as:

  • cross-linker
  • reactive diluents in two pack (2K) systems
  • building block for resins and polymers design

Tolonate™ X FLO 100 is a patented chemical structure registered in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, US and considered as a polymer in Europe.

As a key supplier for the polyurethane industry, Vencorex aims to develop alternative environmentally-friendly technologies and new materials to yield savings in energy, time and money through an improved productivity.

Discover their new Tolonate™ X FLO 100 and the whole Tolonate™ and Easaqua™ ranges, aliphatic polyisocyanates cross-linkers for high solid, low VOC and waterborne high-performance polyurethane coatings & adhesives.

* 25% Renewable material according to ACDV's (Association Chimie Du Végétal) evaluation or 32% "green carbon" according to14C measurement following ASTM-D6866 standard (renewable carbon derived from non-fossil based inputs).

About Vencorex

Vencorex is the owner of key technologies and a major manufacturer of aromatic (TDI) and aliphatic isocyanates, (HDI, IPDI) and their derivatives, for the polyurethane markets. Relying on a worldwide commercial representation, Vencorex has manufacturing and lab units in France and USA. Vencorex is supported by PTT Global Chemical, Asia's leading integrated petrochemical company and the Perstorp Group, a world leader in specialty chemicals market. Vencorex Holding 196 Allée Alexandre Borodine 69 800 Saint-Priest, France.

Source: Vencorex

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