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YInMn Blue Pigment Gets Full Approval from U.S. EPA TSCA - Shepherd Color

Published on 2020-06-01. Author : SpecialChem

blue-pigment The Shepherd Color Company announces that “YInMn Blue”, an innovative pigment has been added to the U.S. EPA TSCA registry. YInMn Blue is now fully approved for use in commercial applications, including industrial coatings and artist color materials.

Revolutionary Blue – Combination of Durability and IR Reflectivity

The visual opacity, color and the near-infrared reflective properties of YInMn Blue make it suitable for use in high-performance coatings and engineering plastics. This balance of visual aesthetics and infrared functionality allows building products to have deep, rich blue colors and that stay cooler when exposed to the sun. Commercially known as Blue 10G513, YInMn Blue has also exhibited excellent weathering properties.

YInMn Blue is valued for its unique balance of durability and IR reflectivity. YInMn Blue has been available for industrial use under a Low Volume Exemption (LVE) since 2017. Shepherd Color has partnered with companies around the world to make YInMn Blue available in a wide range of artist materials.

The YInMn Blue pigment chemistry was discovered serendipitously at Oregon State University and licensed to The Shepherd Color Company for commercial sales. Launching new and interesting pigment technologies to the market shows Shepherd Color’s technical expertise, analytical capability, production competence and global relationships with coating industries.

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Source: Shepherd Color
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