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UBE Launches PU Waterborne Dispersions for Durable Pigmented Inks

Published on 2022-01-12. Edited By : SpecialChem

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ink-digital-printing-newsUBE has launched ETERNAJET polycarbonate-based polyurethane waterborne dispersions to match your textile digital needs.

Dispersions for Advanced Printing Behavior

UBE has carried out an innovation project for the development of ETERNAJET polyurethane waterborne dispersions for digital printing, based on from ETERNACOLL® diol product line and aliphatic isocyanates.

The inclusion of polycarbonate moieties in the dispersed polyurethane improves the mechanical performance, chemical and thermal resistances over polyurethanes out from tradition polyester and polyether polyols.

These newly reactive polycarbonate-based polyurethane dispersions have been developed for excellent printing behavior –stability, open times, filterability and compatibility– and outstanding light-fastness and washing fastness to high quality pigmented inks in digital textile decorations.

ETERNAJET waterborne polyurethane dispersions, UBE ETERNACOLL® polyols, ETERNATHANE® urethane prepolymers are a large polycarbonate-based platform that offers customizable possibilities to polyurethane materials as well as superior and long-term retention of performance, such as thermal stability, oil resistance, hydrolytic stability, weatherability and chemical resistance.

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Source: UBE

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