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UBE Launches Glycerine Carbonate for High-performance Coatings and more

Published on 2020-10-26. Edited By : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Environmentally Friendly Coatings    

UBE-ChemicalsUBE has launched glycerine carbonate, a mostly bio-based hydroxyl-functional carbonate that can be used in several applications as a raw material or active solvent.

Different Functions of UBE’s Glycerine Carbonate

UBE’s glycerine carbonate can be used in high-performance coatings, adhesives and sealants, cosmetics & plastic additives. Through the improvement of formulations, the newly obtained glycerine carbonate can act as a solvent, diluent, plasticizer, or compatibilizer for different systems of solvents in various applications, including electrolytes.

Due to its dual functionality, UBE’s glycerine carbonate may also be used as synthetic intermediates, chain extender and cross-linkage. It can react with amines to make urethane bonding and act as blocking agent for isocyanates.

UBE Corporation Europe S.A. is the wholly owned subsidiary of UBE Industries. It manufactures and distributes caprolactam, polyamides, fertilizers and fine chemical products.

Source: UBE
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