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UBE Launches Ecofriendly Solvent with Low-toxicity

Published on 2021-09-22. Edited By : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Sustainability / Natural Coatings    

UBE Introduces Environmentally-friendly Solvent with Low-toxicity UBE launches DAXSOL dimethyl carbonate, an environmentally-friendly solvent with low toxicity and rapid biodegradability recommended for replacing non-sustainable polar solvents, such as ketones, esters, and glycols.

Offers Fast-evaporating Rate

DAXSOL dimethyl carbonate offers a fast-evaporating rate, miscibility with most organic solvents, partially soluble in water, and similar melting and boiling points to water values. Moreover, it is a synthetic intermediate for several chemical processes and many other applications.

DAXSOL dimethyl carbonate is a VOC-free solvent suitable for direct substitution of most polar solvents since their similar polarity, with the benefit of its low toxicity, being negative in mutagenic tests and presenting very low MIR values. Additionally, DAXSOL dimethyl carbonate is environmentally friendly with low bioaccumulation, rapidly biodegradable, and safer to handle.

DAXSOL is the new product line of dialkyl carbonates by UBE, which are environmentally-friendly organic solvents and commercially available worldwide, including dimethyl carbonate, glycerol carbonate.

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