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Tupperware's Conveyor belt provided with GriP AntiSlip® Solution

Published on 2010-01-29. Author : SpecialChem

The largest Tupperware factory in Europe have had some trouble with their conveyor belt. The products are made and accompanied with the computer but always reached the wrap and transport department too late which caused many problems. The Tupperware factory asked GriP AntiSlip® to develop an antislip coating so that the products don't move over the conveyor belt.

After working on this antislip coating, GriP AntiSlip® came with a suitable solution. GriP AntiSlip® provides every conveyor belt with GriP AntiSlip® ES special which made everything work perfectly now.

Tupperware is very happy with the services provided by GriP AntiSlip® en is thinking of applying GriP AntiSlip ES special globally.

GriP AntiSlip® Safety Coating is applied in bathtubs and shower trays and on bathroom floors and swimming pool floors by order of hotels, private individuals, saunas, sports centres, housing corporations, care institutions and swimming pools. GriP AntiSlip® Safety Coating is a transparent polyurethane water-based AntiSlip coating.

AntiSlip provisions normally tend to attract dirt. Dirt, grease and water do not get a chance to adhere to GriP AntiSlip® Safety Coating however. The coating can also be removed easily without damaging the surface.

GriP AntiSlip® Safety Coating is TÜV certificated, tested by TNO and has a DIN- 51097, class B standard. The TNO test report shows that 'GriP AntiSlip® Safety Coating increases the coefficient of friction of bathtubs, shower trays and tiles under dry circumstances. The AntiSlip effect is even more significant under wet circumstances, especially when the surface is moistened with soap and/or water'.

Source: GriP AntiSlip

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