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Toyo Ink at Tokyo Designers Week'14: to Present Kaleido™ Series of Offset Inks &more

Published on 2014-10-23. Author : SpecialChem

TOKYO, Japan --Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. has announced that it will be introducing an interactive attraction - "The Whimsical Wall-Sticker World of Toyo Ink and Shintaro Kago" at Tokyo Designers Week 2014, the international design show. The event, in its 29th year, will showcase extraordinary architecture, interiors, product design, graphic design and art from all over the world. It will take place over a 10-day period from October 27 to November 5, in the outer gardens of the Meiji Jingu Shrine in Tokyo, Japan.

At this year’s Designers Week, Toyo Ink will once again feature a wall-sticker attraction, the talk of past designers weeks with dazzling works like Fantasy Wall (2012) and Love 1050+ (2013), both designed by Japanese artist Fantasista Utamaro. Visitors to the Toyo Ink booth CL024 will get a chance to bring to life a colorful, fantastical world together with Toyo Ink’s Kaleido™ series of expanded-gamut offset inks and Shintaro Kago, a manga artist revered by fans in Japan and abroad.

On October 26, the first day of the show, Toyo Ink will unveil at its booth the wall mural depicting an "uninhabited Whimsical World" that Mr. Kago sketched especially for the occasion. Booth visitors will be handed stickers of the world’s "inhabitants" to apply on to the mural and help create by the end of the festival a Whimsical World packed with its new inhabitants.

Both the stickers and the wall mural, measuring 4800 mm (width) and 2100 mm (height) in size, are printed using Toyo Ink’s Kaleido™ series of expanded-gamut inks. Kaleido faithfully recreates artists’ and designers’ works by expanding the color gamut closer to six- and seven-color printing, using just the four process colors. This high-performance ink nearly matches the Adobe RGB gamut, resulting in richer, truer-to-life color reproduction once thought impossible via conventional printing systems.

During Designers Week, illustrated postcards featuring works by Mr. Kago will be distributed at the Toyo Ink booth. In addition, on Oct. 26, Nov. 1 and Nov. 2, Mr. Kago himself will make special booth appearances and create using Toyo Ink water-based inks, caricature portraits of booth visitors selected by lottery.

About Shintaro Kago

Renowned for his "fashionable paranoia" style, manga artist Shintaro Kago, born in Tokyo in 1969, launched his career with the debut of Japanese manga magazine Comic Box in 1988. His representative works include Banji Kaicho, Rokushiki Tensou Ataraxia, Paranoia Street, Kasutoro-shiki, Fraction and Anamorphosis no Meijuu. In 2013, Mr. Kago was awarded the 19th Salón del Manga de Barcelona (Spain) for his contributions to the Spanish manga world and as a high profile artist within it. He is known for his intellectual art that combines a vibrant, pop-art style with a cynical twist in a way that incites humor. Mr. Koga has held many solo exhibitions worldwide, and his trademark skill of sketching impromptu caricatures of visitors has made him an internet sensation.

About Toyo Ink Co., Ltd.

Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. oversees the Toyo Ink Group’s Packaging-related and Printing and Information-related business segments as a core operating company and is a leading provider of original products and services to these markets. Its world-class inks give color and function to all print materials based on its advanced technologies accumulated over a century of product development. Moreover, as a world-class color specialist, Toyo Ink provides unique color design tools free-of-charge such as the TUBUCOLOR™ color communication app and the UDing™ series of color universal-design software.

Source: Toyo Ink Co., Ltd.

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