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Total Cray Valley Unveils Polyfarnesene Diol for Improved Moisture Resistance

Published on 2017-07-04. Author : SpecialChem

Total Cray Valley has announced its first commercial production run of Krasol® F 3000, a polyfarnesene diol, at its chemical manufacturing plant in Kralupy, Czech Republic.

Polyfarnesene Diol

Cray Valley

  • It is based on trans-β-farnesene, a renewable alternative to petroleum-based feedstocks like butadiene
  • Krasol F 3000 can be used to replace polyether and polyester diols while providing lower viscosity and improved moisture resistance

The new β-Farnesene technology allows for production of specialty adhesives for electronics and automobiles that have excellent moisture resistance.

In addition, customers will also have increased design flexibility to produce electrical encapsulants. Krasol F 3000’s lower viscosity characteristics also leave the potential to open new markets such as sprayable coatings.

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Source: Total Cray Valley
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