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TOLSA’s Special Additives Find Use in Paint and Coatings Industry

Published on 2021-08-04. Edited By : SpecialChem

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TOLSA-ADINS-imageTOLSA has announced that its ADINS® line of specialized additives is finding growing use for the paint and coatings industry. ADINS® is a proprietary and patented technology based on natural silicates that is surface modified and provides reinforcing properties and new functionalities for materials.

Strategy to Expand Resources and Capabilities

TOLSA has built a strong foundation globally by producing unique additives for water-based and solvent-based systems. The company has experienced strong growth in paint and coatings over the last several years and its long-term strategy is to expand its resources and capabilities including the ADINS® family of materials.

Among the new ADINS® offerings for paint and coatings is Tolsa’s flame retardant synergists which improve performance under fire conditions (smoke suppression, reduction of heat release, improvement of the mechanical properties of char). ADINS® additives are used synergistically with intumescent additives to improve the fire-retardant properties in paint and coatings formulations.

Flame Retardant Additives

ADINS® Fireproof products are ceramifying additives based on a natural silicate activated with phosphate compounds. Meanwhile, ADINS® Clay G1 additives are based on modified silicate with low melting point glass. ADINS® clay series allows for a reduction in heat release even in a low dosage and acts like a smoke suppressor.

These FR compounds reinforce the synergetic effect of the ADINS® technology with the flame retardant systems due to the low temperature glass they form after burning by enhancing the consistency of the 3D reinforcing network within the char. These additives enhance the properties of the char layer formed in fire conditions.

Additives with Viricidal Activity

Tolsa also offers ADINS® PROTECTION which are high-performance biocides that protect against virus, bacteria, algae, and fungi. ADINS® technology reduces the amount of active substance which obtains the same antimicrobial activity, reducing cost and environmental impact. These products now show viricidal activity, as well as working like bactericide, fungicide, and algicide.

ADINS Protection has shown to be very active against all enveloped viruses, included Coronavirus type, and against Norovirus, Rotavirus and Adenovirus according to NF EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019. All these products are based on natural silicates, with a specific active substance which allow a high-dispersion in the material.

Photocatalytic Additives for Self-cleaning and Decontamination

For paint and coatings, Tolsa also offers ADINS® CLEAN, which are photocatalytic additives for self-cleaning and decontamination. The surfaces of materials exposed to aggressive meteorological environments suffer degradations with the passing of time. The presence of dust, physical contaminants, and chemicals in the environment contributes to this degradation. Among other factors, humidity, precipitation, and wind bring these environmental contaminants to the surfaces of materials, affecting aesthetics and durability over time.

ADINS Clean is used in paving blocks, building facades, and asphalts to remove contaminants present in the atmosphere (NOx and VOCs). The use of these additives helps to create self-cleaning surfaces, where the dirt is not accumulated. ADINS® Clean helps to avoid the agglomeration of the catalyst particles (TiO2) and increases effectiveness by supporting the TiO2 particles on an inorganic substrate.

ADINS® technology allows the development of customized grades for paint and coatings, guaranteeing compliance for the specific client and end-use requirements.

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Source: TOLSA


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