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Tikkurila Unveils the First Scientifically Tested Protective Coating for Apiculture

Published on 2011-12-12. Author : SpecialChem

Tikkurila's German subsidiary Pigrol has launched the first scientifically tested protective coating for apiculture. The lifespan of the wooden beekeeping equipment can now be extended with the Pigrol products.

The protection of beehives, beehouses and apiaries, as well as enabling optimal conditions of free-ranged bees, are of high importance in apiculture. Due to the lack of appropriate and scientifically tested products, Pigrol started the development of a coating, which gives the optimal protection and has no negative effects on the sensitive bees and their behavior.

The development of the coating was done in cooperation with the German Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture in Veitshöchheim, who created a testing plan for the research and performed laboratory and field tests for over a year during 2010-2011. Furthermore, the residue analyses were performed by the State Institute for Apiary at the University of Hohenheim in Germany to investigate a possible migration of paint substances into bee products. Based on the results of the laboratory and outdoor tests, the Pigrol coatings Beutenschutz-Lack and Beutenschutz-Lasur have no negative impacts on the honeybees or the beehives.

With the Pigrol Farbnatur Beutenschutzfarbe product range, Pigrol is contributing to the protection of the honeybees and providing beekeepers with tested and certified products, which are safe for use in beehives, bees and apiary tools. Both products in the product range have received the Ökop certificate, which indicates that these products fulfill the strict standards of ecological beekeeping.

About Tikkurila Group

Tikkurila provides consumers and professionals with user-friendly and sustainable solutions for surface protection and decoration. Tikkurila wants to be the leading paint company in the Nordic area as well as in Russia and other selected Eastern European countries.

Source: Tikkurila

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