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The Shepherd Color Company Introduces Dynamix™ "Stir-in" Pigments

Published on 2006-10-24. Author : SpecialChem

Cincinnati, Ohio -- The Shepherd Color Company is proud to introduce Dynamix™ a unique, innovative and revolutionary line of "stir-in" inorganic color pigments to the coatings market.

Dynamix™ dispersion characteristics are so superior, conventional milling and dispersion techniques are unnecessary. Dynamix™ "stir-in" pigment technology requires only simple mixing. The time it takes to reach complete dispersion will depend upon the intensity of the mixing equipment but can be achieved in as little as 5 minutes.

Dynamix™ is unique because it is not restricted in application. It is compatible with solvent and waterborne coatings systems as well as 100% solids systems and UV cured coatings.

The cost savings can be tremendous. This new dry dispersion technology eliminates traditional milling, saving up to 75% in pigment dispersion cycle time. Hours and days are transformed into minutes and color yields increase dramatically. Energy savings up to 90% can be achieved. Cleaning and waste disposal costs are substantially reduced. Dynamix™ allows you to streamline any manufacturing process and power-up the value chain!

Dynamix™ offers chemists, formulators and colorists the potential to be creative in their approach to coatings development. Color can be added at any stage. The color and tint strength properties are "locked-in" and can be achieved consistently. There are no dispersants or additional resins to formulate around; Dynamix™ is 100% color. The weather durability, heat stability and chemical resistance you have come to expect from Shepherd pigments is assured with Dynamix™.

Several colors are being launched, including those with infrared reflecting characteristics. Consistent Solar Reflectance can now be achieved by simple mixing.

Dynamix™ can be seen at the upcoming International Coatings Exposition in New Orleans, USA from November 1st - 3rd 2006.

The Shepherd Color Company is one of the world's leading producers of high performance Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (CICP's), headquartered in Cincinnati, OH in the United States and with sales offices in Belgium, Australia and Japan. Shepherd has satisfied customers in over 50 countries of the world with reliable and dependable high performance products. Customers have come to recognize the service and delivery provided as being among one of the best in the industry. Shepherd provides a wide range of products, including special effect pigments. Shepherd Color proudly serves major markets, such as Building & Construction, Automotive and Aerospace through customers in the Coatings, Plastics, Glass and Ceramics segments.

Source: Shepherd Color Company

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