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The Land of Nod launches an exclusive Mythic Paint Color Palette

Published on 2010-02-09. Author : SpecialChem

HATTIESBURG, Miss. -- Mythic® Paint (Mythic), the high performance paint with zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and zero toxins is very proud to announce a new partnership with the leading children's furnishings store - The Land of Nod. As part of the partnership, The Land of Nod has created a new line of unique colors that will be highlighted in the featured room designs in their catalogs, stores and web site.

"The partnership between Mythic Paint and The Land of Nod is a perfect match," said Rocky Prior, President of Mythic Paint. "We are brands that are fun and upbeat, approachable and warm while offering the highest quality products that are totally safe for all."

"We are really happy to be able to offer our customers a complete room design - from lovely wall colors, to the highest quality furniture and accessories," said Michelle Kohanzo from The Land of Nod. "When our interior designers first tried Mythic they were amazed with the lack of odor and the high quality of the product," she added. "It was important for us to offer a zero-toxin, zero-VOC paint that came in any color, so we knew that it was a perfect choice to offer our customers."

The Land of Nod's new catalog, which is due out next month, will feature the first room designs using Mythic Paint. Customers will be able to order their favorite colors from The Land of Nod either through the catalog or by ordering online. Mythic Paint dealers will also stock The Land of Nod color palette and will be able to mix the colors on request.

The new relationship is a true partnership with each brand lending marketing and sales support to the other. In addition to stocking the color palettes, Mythic dealers will also have The Land of Nod catalog on hand for customers. In return all The Land of Nod sales staff are trained on the unique offerings of Mythic and are prepared to answer questions and offer customers advice on colors and finishes.

"Our customers are very loyal to The Land of Nod because they know that we offer the highest quality products that are safe for their children and their homes," said Michelle Kohanzo. "We love the fact that with Mythic Paint our customers don't have to sacrifice their health to have their choice in colors for a gorgeous room."

About Mythic Paint:

Mythic Paint, manufactured by Southern Diversified Products (SDP) was developed in cooperation with the University of Southern Mississippi. The guaranteed high-performance paint is available in a 1,232-color palette and in all sheens for interior and exterior use. Mythic is available in independent paint stores nationwide.

About The Land of Nod:

The Land of Nod is a leading catalog, web and retail store company based in Northbrook, IL, specializing in exclusively designed, high quality baby and children's furniture, bedding, décor and accessories.

Source: Mythic Paint

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