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Textile Industry to Benefit from ICL-Industrial's TexFRon™ Water-based Dispersion

Published on 2011-01-07. Author : SpecialChem

ISRAEL -- ICL Industrial Products (ICL-IP) has launched TexFRon™ flame retardant product line for textile industry. TexFRon™ products are water-based dispersions designed to meet stringent flame retardant requirements for a broad range of fabric finishes.

The TexFRon™ series includes four separate products:

  • TexFRon 9025 and TexFRon 9020: flame retardancy solutions for soak-and-wash-durable FR coating and back-coating formulations.
  • TexFRon P and TexFRon P+: flame retardancy solutions based on acrylic co-polymer emulsions with chemically-bound bromine. Designed to enable textile formulators and finishers to produce FR cotton, polyester and cotton/polyester fabrics durable up to 50 laundry cycles.

About ICL Industrial Products

ICL-IP Industrial Products is one of ICL's three operating segments. It produces bromine, magnesia and chlorine from Dead Sea brines, and manufactures and markets a range of compounds, including a large variety of flame retardants, bromides for industry, agriculture and water treatment products, as well as a range of magnesia products, phosphorous and chlorine-based products for numerous uses.

Source: ICL Industrial Products

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