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Techtextil 2005: Wacker Presents Dirt-Repellent Top Coat for Textile Coatings

Published on 2005-06-07. Author : SpecialChem

MUNICH, Germany -- WACKER will be premiering a new silicone top coat at Techtextil 2005 from June 7 to 9 in Frankfurt. Marketed under the ELASTOSIL® 47005 brand name, the transparent surface coating combines the advantages of a silicone/organic polymer binder with the effects of nanoscale components. This enables the targeted adjustment and improvement of various surface properties. ELASTOSIL® 47005 is particularly suitable for architectural textiles, airbag coatings and protective clothing.

The inorganic/organic hybrid character of the new top-coat binder allows the targeted customization of the textile's material properties. ELASTOSIL® 47005 is highly dirt repellent and its resistance to weathering and aging makes it perfect for outdoor textile applications. The special surface of ELASTOSIL® 47005 makes tents and awnings much less prone to dirt pick-up and gives them superior weatherability and aging resistance. The top coat's other strengths include its ready adhesion and ease of processing, the smooth, non-blocking surface and a low coefficient of friction. For these reasons, ELASTOSIL® 47005 is suitable as, for example, a top coat for airbags and protective clothing.

Another WACKER tradeshow highlight is CAVATEX®, an odor control system specially developed for the textile industry. The system consists of ring-shaped sugar molecules - so-called cyclodextrins containing cavities - that can receive other molecules and release them again as required. This mechanism offers novel effects for use in the textile sector. Empty cyclodextrins can absorb and thus successfully mask unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke, sweat or animal odors. At the same time, cyclodextrins are also suitable for the controlled release of perfumes or skin-care components. Key applications for CAVATEX® are shirts, underwear, corsetry, work and sports clothes, as well as pillows and bedding.

An additional focus of WACKER's tradeshow appearance is its ELASTOSIL® NT line of liquid silicone rubbers. These were specially developed for textile coatings and exhibit rheological properties that enable improved processing. ELASTOSIL® NT types are easy to pigment in any color and are suitable for fine-coating technical and fashion textiles such as windbreakers or backpacks. In addition, they offer high flame resistance, wash and heat resistance, as well as effective protection against environmental influences. For this reason, ELASTOSIL® NT is also used for the coating of high-performance textiles including fire blankets, electric insulation, lamp shades and airbags.

Source: WACKER

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