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TANATEX Chemicals at ECS 2013: to Launch PU Dispersions, Non-foaming Wetting Agents & more

Published on 2013-03-07. Author : SpecialChem

TANATEX Chemicals will be presenting at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg, Germany from 19-21 March 2013. Visit TANATEX Chemicals in Hall 1 Stand 244. During the exhibition TANATEX Chemicals will present several innovative coating solutions.

Chemical Coating Solutions

Brand-new polyurethane dispersing agent. TANEMUL® DA 345 is a high molecular polyurethane, amine free, wetting and dispersing agent. The product is 98.5% active and shows excellent dispersion performance for organic pigments and carbon black. Especially for high performance carbon blacks it is in the position to achieve distinguished jetness. The product is suitable for waterborne, solventborne and solvent free coatings. Due to the high molecular weight and its broad compatibility, this product is predestined for resin free pigment concentrates.

Bestseller. TANEMUL® WT 100 is an outstanding wetting and penetration agent for wood treatment and coatings, approved by several global players, including leading binder producers, in their guiding formulations for treatments and coatings.

Non-foaming wetting agent. TANEMUL® WT 200 is a non-foaming wetting agent with low dynamic surface tension showing very quick wetting properties. This performance is highly appreciated in high speed applications like printing, dip and curtain coating, coil coating, impregnation and emulsifying. For instance water based wood coatings with this product, manifests improved spreading and leveling properties especially on cellulose, e.g. paper, boards or wooden surfaces.

Textile Coating Solutions

Milestone in modern crosslinking, adhesion promotion and booster technology

TANATEX Chemicals developed a new generation of DMP blocked aliphatic polyisocyanates. The products are completely free of catalysts, formaldehyde and co-solvents. When compared to unblocked- or other blocked isocyanates they have the unique properties of containing no MEKoxime, needing lower temperature for de-blocking and having excellent pot-life and storage stability when formulated in coatings and finishes.

Based on this state-of-the-art technology, ACRAFIX® PCI performs as an excellent cross-linker and adhesion promoter. BAYGARD® FBI performs as an outstanding booster. It improves the properties and permanency of fluorocarbon finishes on all types of substrates. It additionally improves the film forming properties of the fluorocarbon.

Solution for adhesion to synthetic fibres combined with outdoor exposure and flexibility

These products are especially designed for coating of synthetic outdoor fabrics. TANA®COAT OMP is to be applied as soft basecoat and TANA®COAT MTO as medium hard topcoat. The end products show high light fastness and UV resistance, very good resistant to hydrolysis and the final coating will be resistant against mildew and fungus. When the basecoat is replaced by TANA®COAT RL 1149 the end article, under specific conditions, can be extended with the technical advantage of being halogen free flame retardant.

About TANATEX Chemicals

TANATEX Chemicals is one of the world's leading specialty chemicals producers. Their global activities comprise of two core BU's: Textile Processing Solutions producing a wide variety of textile processing chemicals and Chemical Solutions producing performance chemicals for various industrial applications. Worldwide 350 employees are active to supply the customers with quality products and provide a high level of service. Their products are sold worldwide through a global network of sales offices and agents.

Source: TANATEX Chemicals

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