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Sulzer Metco Introduces A.CARBON, a Thin Film Coating for Engine & Other Applications

Published on 2013-08-08. Author : SpecialChem

Sulzer Metco has developed a new diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating that helps automotive designers to achieve the EU6 emission limit. The new thin film coating called "A.CARBON" ensures component reliability with a surface solution that combines reduced friction and excellent wear protection.

The automotive industry is constantly seeking coating solutions that combine eco-friendly features with high performance results, considering them as key technology drivers. For many years, numerous automotive manufacturers have put their trust in DLC coating solutions, notably for engine applications, drivetrain components and transmission parts.

Diamond-like carbon coatings make up the largest proportion of thin film coating solutions applied in the automotive industry. By reducing friction, corrosion, and wear, the coatings increase engine performance and extend component life expectancy, while reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

The black, smooth coating A.CARBON provides excellent wear protection for dry and starved lubrication applications as well as abrasive and adhesive wear protection in tribological systems. Thanks to its amorphous structure and the a-C:H:W layer within the multilayer coating structure, A.CARBON is best suited for highly stressed components in modern engines. These properties result in high hardness levels of 22 to 30 GPa and improved fatigue resistance. A further benefit of A.CARBON is the increased wear protection of uncoated counterparts. Coating only one surface of a frictional couple is often sufficient.

A.CARBON coated components, such as injection components, finger followers, tappets, pistons, piston pins and rings contribute to achieving emission targets without loss of performance. DLC coatings ensure fulfillment of the automotive industry's present day requirements, as well as those of the future.

About Sulzer Metco

Sulzer Metco enhances surfaces with coating solutions and equipment. Customers benefit from a uniquely broad range of surface technologies, coating solutions, equipment, materials, services, and specialized machining services and components. The innovative solutions improve performance and increase efficiency and reliability. Sulzer Metco serves industries such as power generation, aviation, automotive, and other specialized markets.

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Source: Sulzer Metco

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