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StarLight™ : A New Innovation in Effect Pigments Ideally Suited for Coatings

Published on 2004-09-13. Author : SpecialChem

The StarLight™ product line has been developed using innovative MicroMirror™ technology to obtain an outstanding brilliance and sparkle in a variety of different applications. When viewed in any amount of light, the effect is dazzling and breathtaking!

The MicroMirror™ technology is produced through the use of a well-defined glass base, which is uniformly coated with metallic silver. The glass base provides the StarLight™ products with an optimum surface for maximum reflectivity. In conjunction with the silver coating for color and sparkle, this translates into brilliance unobtainable from other products.

Unique to StarLight™, the edges are coated, making the effect visible at any orientation. Additionally, the scintillating sparkle can be created at low pigment levels and can even be achieved with opaque pigments. This result is difficult to obtain with other effect pigments, where organic pigments are almost a prerequisite for the appearance required and at much higher loadings of the effect pigment.

Particularly advantageous to Powder Coatings, StarLight™ can simply be dry blended with all the other pigments prior to extrusion. Being very robust, StarLight™ pigments can withstand the rigors of the extrusion process so there is no need for a complicated bonding or preparation process beforehand. With these attributes, true metallic effects and appearances can be obtained with the benefit of more effective formulating.

StarLight™ is available in a range of particle sizes to suit the desired effect.

Source: The Shepherd Color Company

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