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Stahl Presents Next-gen WB Non-DMF(A) EVO PU Coatings to Reduce Water & Energy Usage

Published on 2014-09-02. Author : SpecialChem

Waalwijk -- Lowering the environmental impact of their products is a priority for brands in the fashion, interior design and automotive industry. To support these brands, Stahl has offered a complete EVO range, the next generation polyurethane coatings for shoes, bags, upholstery and automotive interiors. The EVO building blocks enable manufacturers to produce coated fabrics in a more sustainable way and in line with the latest fashion trends. Stahl's innovative additions are the 100% water-based EVO topcoat and the DMF(A)-free EVO base. The latest is a more sustainable alternative for the conventional DMF(A) coagulation process. The EVO coatings that do not contain any restricted substances, offer the performance that brands are used to, while also reducing water and energy usage during the production process.

Several manufacturers in the fashion, upholstery and automotive industry are already using the EVO products. "These customers have experienced that they can realize the required functionality and the latest looks with the EVO building blocks in a more sustainable manner," said Uwe Siebgens, Stahl's Group Director Performance Coatings. "We are now able to offer a complete EVO toolbox, including a water-based EVO topcoat and a DMF(A)-free EVO base. This complete EVO range is a large step forward towards a more sustainable production process for PU coated fabrics."

Thanks to its roots in leather, Stahl knows that the right look and feel count for manufacturers of coated fabrics. With the EVO toolbox, Stahl enables manufactures to reduce the environmental impact of stylish products that we use every day, such as shoes, bags and chairs.

About Stahl

Stahl is one of the leading companies in chemicals for leather products and performance coatings. With its three brands Stahl, PielColor and Picassian, the company delivers best in class solutions for the automotive, fashion and furniture industry amongst others. With more than 1,800 employees at 11 manufacturing sites and 38 laboratories in 23 countries, Stahl is expected to realize an annual turnover of over 600 million euro. With its innovation power, knowledge, expertise and range of technical solutions Stahl is able to deliver best in class solutions and services to respond even better to client needs and secure a more sustainable future.

Source: Stahl

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